Ahoy! Kitten 2-4 Player Game

Ahoy! Kitten 2-4 Player Game

Ahoy! Kitten is a 2-4 player family game of bluffing, guessing and pressing your luck that teaches in 5 minutes and plays in 15-20 minutes! The perfect filler game!

6,174 USD
of 2,500 USD Goal


Ahoy Kitten is a fast-paced, hilarious little 2-6 player game and is our first new release in a couple of years.  We are so excited to offer this game to you all!

Why back now?

  • Discount over MSRP.  We are offering this game to backers for as cheap as $12.25/copy (when backing for 4x of the game, it is $15 for a single copy), compared to the MSRP of $20 USD. You, our loyal Kickstarter backers, receive the best deal we can provide!
  • Subsidized Shipping Costs.  You pay less in shipping than it costs us to mail the game! Just $3 for shipping if you are in the US! To ensure this is available to as many people as possible, we are subsidizing the shipping resulting in you paying less than the actual shipping price for this game.
  • Advanced Copies.  Backers receive their reward before this game hits retail stores. You'll be in the FIRST wave of supporters to get this game if you back early.  Ahoy Kitten will not be available for regular distribution until at least several weeks after we have fulfilled the Kickstarter, so you'll have plenty of time to show this off to your friends before they can get a copy.
  • Unique Features.  We have re-designed the game from the original Broadway (Hong Kong) limited release with upgraded fish tokens and several other nice upgrades/features! The art is also new and beautiful!
  • Limited Copies/Distribution.  We have produced a fixed number of copies of the game for this campaign and could run out if the project goes well. Back early to avoid any chance of missing out! There is no guarantee this will even make it to distribution in the USA and we have NO plans to offer it outside the USA after the campaign is over, except on our website for $20 MSRP and MUCH higher shipping charges.
  • Real-value stretch goals.  Rather than playing the stretch goal game of taking out quality/components from the game to add them back in as "stretch goals" we are offering 5% OR MORE off shipping to everyone at certain levels PLUS discounted or possibly even free card sleeves to every backer.  Yes actual cash value to our stretch goals that come out of our pocket.  Nothing fancy, just real value.
  • Reviewed/Vetted By Gaming Experts.  This isn't some rushed project with a new flashy theme and bells and whistles to distract you from a mediocre game. This is a highly-respected game.. We didn't pay anyone for a single "preview" video or review. Just check out the Reviews section and know you are getting a truly excellent game! How often can you say that about a Kickstarter project?

We are offering this game at as good a price and at as cheap a shipping cost as possible to give backers the maximum value proposition possible on this amazing game!


Click the rulebook image to check it out!

Check out the all new 2023 Mayday rulebook HERE.  It is simple to learn and fast to play!

How To Play and Reviews

"Ahoy! Kitten is fast and fun, and just really easy to play. Rules are simple to teach and setup is done in less than a minute. It’s a great casual game that would be very fun to play over dinner with good friends."  -Casual Game Revolution (HERE)

"It's a fast fun game involving bluff and push-your-luck decision making. Players are always trying to second-guess each other, particularly as the fish mount up on ocean tiles that weren't taken on the previous round. Remember, if two players go for the same tile then both get nothing, so maybe going for a tile with fewer fish is the safer option; but then, if I think you'll take the safer option, maybe I can get away with nabbing the larger haul... It's a variant of the Prisoners Dilemma. It makes for an entertaining enough game for adults to play but it's light enough for kittens (kids) to play too, and with attractive art from Roxy Dai."  -Review by Selwyn Ward (HERE)

"This is a simple game that is right between a gateway game and a shelf game, which means that it is good for anyone to play. Because of its fast time, kids can play it without getting bored. Further, it makes a great little game to play while waiting for friends to arrive for a larger gaming session. With an overall score of 40 out of 50, this is a monster score for a complexity 4 game. This is a game I expect to see on a lot of shelves in the near future because it is one of those ‘must have’ games." -Dr. Christopher W Smithmyer (HERE)

Pledge Levels:

Choose from our different pledge levels as follows:

  • Feline Fun: Single Game Backer gets you a single copy of the game! Shipping is just $3 w/in the USA!
  • Double Trouble: 2X Game Backer gets you two copies of the game and shipping starts at $5.
  • Four-Fun: 4X Game Backer gets you four (4x) copies of the game and shipping is just $9.  That is just $12.25/game x 4 = $49!  Your best value if you want to go in with some friends!

We don't have a specific retailer pledge level on this project but we would LOVE to have any retailers back this at special pricing.  Brick & Mortar stores and distributors ONLY, please send us a direct message here on KS or email to seth@maydaygames.com and we can get you information about how to back the project.

Stretch Goals

Rather than offer a bunch of stretch goals like upgrading the fish tokens from cardboard to plastic, improving the card or box quality or doing full-color printing on the inside of the box insert,  we have opted to include all of those items for the best presentation of the game from the get-go. We know everybody LOVES stretch goals, so we will be taking 5% off everyone's shipping costs as stretch goals throughout the campaign.   In addition we will be offering discounted/free card sleeves.

  • LOCKED! 5% off all shipping costs for all backers at $5,000, yes every single backer will save 5% off your total shipping costs for your pledges thanks to this stretch goal being unlocked at $5,000!
  • LOCKED: another 5% off all shipping costs for all backers at $10,000, yes every single backer will save an additional 5% off your total shipping costs for your pledges (10% total) thanks to this stretch goal being unlocked at $10,000!

We want to make this game as great a value as we can for all of you backers and believe the presentation and content should be of the highest quality regardless of how well the project does.


The shipping costs for this game will be subsidized by us, see the chart below for shipping prices. Note that shipping will be collected post campaign during the Backerkit survey process. Please note that we CANNOT ship to KOREA at all due to licensing restrictions.

One Copy of the Game:

USA: $3 shipping; CANADA/Hong Kong/China $6 ; Australia, EU/UK: $8; Worldwide: $12

2 Copies of the Game:

USA: $5 shipping; CANADA/Hong Kong/China $9 ; Australia, EU/UK: $10; Worldwide: $15

4 Copies of the Game:

USA: $9 shipping; CANADA/Hong Kong/China $12 ; Australia, EU/UK: $12; Worldwide: $20

No, that is not a typo!  If you are in the USA shipping is really only $4! We really want to get this game in the hands of gamers, so are heavily subsidizing the shipping. We have our own warehouse, so we will be madly packaging up each and every copy of the game ourselves, which saves you even more money.

Yes if you want to pick up the game at our warehouse in Springville UT and pay $0 shipping that is totally fine too, there will be an option for that in the post-campaign survey.

Note that China, Canada,  and Australia, will all be shipped from inside those countries by our logistics partners so there will be NO taxes due to you backers in those areas.

For the UK and the EU, VAT is included in the shipping fees as we don't have anywhere else to charge it. You WILL NOT pay any additional VAT/CUSTOMS fees! We know your shipping costs are much higher than other areas, but your laws REQUIRE us to pay VAT on the value of the game PLUS SHIPPING. We hate it too but it is the law! Just know that we are subsidizing heavily subsidizing your shipping costs as well because this will probably be your only opportunity to get the game in English from us to you.

For the rest of the world, we will ship your rewards from either China or the USA, depending on where you live and you will be responsible for any taxes/duties to your own country. We cannot be responsible for knowing the local tax laws of every country.

Why Kickstarter?

We are a very small company and frankly don't know how to gauge the appropriate number of copies to produce for such a potentially "hit" game. We are committed to providing the Kickstarter with the proper number of copies and will decide how many more to produce after the campaign based on the support we see here. We need your help to properly forecast production as we've only done a few games in the past. We believe in accountability and keep this google sheet with all of our prior campaigns so you our backers can always see exactly where we stand HERE.

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