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Type: Real-time, Co-op, City Smashing
Players: 1-4
Time: 30
Age: 8+
Publisher: Vesuvius Media


Fight the evil genius, Dr. Spotnik, with your monster squad in this epic city-smashing game.

MonstroCity is a fully co-operative, dice rolling, real-time, city-smashing game for 1 to 4 players. Players assume the role of monsters, forming a squad, sent to level the secret base of Dr. Spotnik and foil his plans to conquer the world!

Your objective is to smash all the buildings and crush the city's defenses in five 2-minute rounds. But don't expect Dr. Spotnik to stand idly by while you SMASH! The city will retaliate!

Be ready to face Tanks, Choppers, Riots and more in this action-packed game!


- 4 x Monster Miniatures
- 24 x Buildings
- 4 x Player Boards
- 12 x Police Cars
- 1 x Game Board
- 33 x Cards
- 1 x Police Board
- 1 x City Board
- 56 x Tokens
- 16 x Custom Dice
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Rulebook (EN)
by Vesuvius Media  [2019-09-06 17:43:13]

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