Centauri Saga - Rule Clarifications - Safe Passage - Colony ship combat tokens

  • Uggel
    Uggel 2016-06-12 23:32:33

    Say we move the colony ship into an empty sector with movement cost ONE. We remove ONE combat token from the the colony ship leaving us with TWO combat tokens. Then, in the Expand phase we add THREE new combat tokens, leving us with FIVE combat tokens on the colony ship. Is this right? (I guess it is since we won't get through the asteroid belt otherwise.)

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  • Uggel
    Uggel 2016-06-13 00:19:39

    What do I do with all the combat tokens I get when defeating raiders? I would like to build starbases to get rid of the boss effects. But for that I need exploration tokens.

    Further, some upgrades let me spend exploration tokens when using their special ability. Those upgrades then become weaker. Currently we're using home rules allowing to spend combat tokens instead.

    After a raider surge, there would be an event that persists until I spend an exploration and a combat token... Am I supposed to get rid of events? At the rate the raider surges occur during Safe Passage, we will almost have one new event every turn from the third turn onwards.

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  • Kevorque
    Kevorque 2016-06-13 17:03:56

    You are right on how you use the Combat Tokens on the Colony Ship.

    Now as far as Bosses are concerned, in this scenario you do NOT need a Starbase to defeat them. The rule for the use of a Starbase to engage with a Boss is "Scenario-specific" for the "Fixing the Jumpgate" scenario (Core Rule Book p.17). So you do not need Exploration Tokens in this scenario.

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  • Trueflight Silverwing
    Trueflight Silverwing 2016-06-14 15:11:40

    You can spend combat tokens and/or exploration tokens in any combination to get the two needed to remove Events from play. (1 combat, 2 exploration, or 1 of each).

    There is also at least one commander that lets you convert combat tokens into exploration tokens if you needed them for certain abilities. I agree that they are considerably weaker in this scenario though.

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  • HIVE152
    HIVE152 2016-06-15 10:54:53

    I have a question about Combat Tokens on the Colony Ship:
    Page 18, 2nd side, 2nd sentence: Place 3 Combat Tokens on top of the Colony Ship Token.
    Page 19, Section Expand: Place 3 Combat Tokens in the cargo section of the Colony Ship card.
    When I move the tokens from the cargo section of the Colony Ship card to the Colony Ship Token?

    2nd question: can I buy a Colony Ship miniature in Essen?

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  • Kevorque
    Kevorque 2016-06-16 02:40:01

    In p.18 the wording is wrong. It should say: "Place 3 Combat Tokens in the Colony Ship's cargo"

    In p.19 (Movement), it should say: "You may remove Combat Tokens from the Colony Ship's cargo."

    In p.19 (Expand), the wording is wrong. It should say: "Place up to 3 Combat Tokens from your Armada's Cargo to the Colony Ship's Cargo. You need to be in the same sector as the Colony Ship or to an adjacent one."

    We do not know yet whether we will have some extra colony ships in Essen. We are trying to make this happen. We will make an update as soon as we know exactly what we can spare.

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