Centauri Saga - Rule Clarifications - FAQ Regarding Solo mode

  • Nocture
    Nocture 2016-06-08 00:00:01

    Solo: Do you have 1 or 2 regroup?
    Answer: 2

    Solo: Can you carry 1 or 2 XPM in Cargo?
    Answer: 1

    Solo: Since the two armadas share the same stats they share hull points. If their hull points reach zero during a combat involving blue, is yellow destroyed also and moved to the jump gate?
    Answer: The two ships share the same Hull and Cargo. When a "Ship" is destroyed it is immediately transferred to the Jumpgate sector and you set the Hull back to 8. So, if you have 3 Hull points and attack with the first ship, and that ship is destroyed. You move it to the Jumpgate and reset your Hull to 8. At that point if the second ships attacks, it has a Hull of 8.

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