Centauri Saga: Abandoned - Rule Clarifications - F.A.Q.

  • Kevorque
    Kevorque 2018-02-02 15:19:22

    1) Legend Cards: These cards are used as reminder of what you need to do during a Scanning Report action, so that you do not have to constantly go back to the Rulebook. The amount of Raiders shown on the cards (per number of players), is the MAXIMUM you may spawn during a Scanning Report card. We clarify this, because there is a chance during the first couple of rounds of the first game in Legacy (when the map is still relatively small) that you may have to spawn LESS than this number. For example, if you have only one Red Sector revealed, and Raiders need to spawn on Red Sectors, you do NOT spawn 2 Raiders (for 1-2 player game), you spawn 1 Raider (since there is only one Red Sector on the board). If you have 3 Red Sectors revealed, then the First Player chooses TWO of them and reveal Raiders on them.

    2) Legend Card for Scene 3.2: Each Legend card has the "Scene Number" that it corresponds to. The card for Scene 3.2, is part of the deck you will find when you first open the box. Leave that aside until you reach that scene and the rules tell you to use it.

    3) Spawn Raiders Strategy: It is part of the game to cleverly spawn Raiders during the Scanning Report Phase. This might not seem crucial in the first couple of Sessions, but after that, given the fact that you start with a big map already revealed, you need to be very careful on your decisions. Some times it is worth spawning on the same sector even if you get an event and increase the Threat Level, so that you can have a better chance in crowd-controlling, other times spawning Raiders close to you so that you can hunt them down for "spare-parts" can be the way to go. Most scenarios have rules about how Raiders move, but not how they spawn, this is usually up to the First Player (each round) to decide.

    4) The way the Legacy game is designed, it allows you to play each Scene with a different number of people. So, you can start with 4 players and then the next session play it with 3 (if one of you couldn't make it) and then have the character re-join on the next Session. We do not recommend doing this regularly because the players that miss sessions, will miss out on the story and background of the game, which is the main component of this game.

    5) Extra Components: whenever the Legacy game gives you any components you merge them with the ones of the Core Game. "Abandoned" is a UNIQUE type of Legacy game because it is in itself an EXPANSION. This is NOT a standalone game, it REQUIRES the Core game to play. Every time you want to start a new session, you need to first set up the game as if you are preparing to play a core game's scenario (as it is stated in the rule book), and THEN apply any "Additional Setup" rules from the Legacy Scene's Scenario.

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