Centauri Saga: Abandoned - Rule Clarifications - End of scene 2.2 - text entry to record astral map is missing.

  • Jamiri
    Jamiri 2018-04-05 23:51:36

    2.3 starts with referencing the map how it ended in 2.2, so its a must to record the astral map at the end of it. But the corresponding text is simply missing.

    Can you tell me whether starbases are also recorded at the end of 2.2 and carried over to 2.3?

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  • Kevorque
    Kevorque 2018-04-06 02:40:15

    Hi Jamiri,

    you are right you should record everything from the end of Scene 2.2, including the Starbases. We will update the Errata PDF with this entry.

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