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Hello! My name's Jon Gracey, you might know me from No Rolls Barred. I normally play board games, with varying degrees of success. Now I've designed my own!

Well, with quite a lot of help from my wife, Viv Egan and my ex-wife*, Matthew Hancock. We've made a brand new party game full of trivia, betting and bluffing!

It's called You Know It!

Love trivia? This game's for you.
Hate trivia? This game is also for you!

Check out this video of us playing it on No Rolls Barred - it's a pretty good indication of the kind of fun waiting for you.

What makes this game special?

You Know It! is super easy to learn and teach, so it's a perfect group game, whether you're hardened gamers or looking for something for the whole family after Christmas lunch.

The compact, vertical box was designed to feel right at home on that bookshelf in your living room. And when a game is this quick and easy to set it up and dive straight in, you'll be reaching for it again and again.

It's got hundreds of great questions and enough strategy and social deduction to satisfy any gamer. Even if there's someone in your gang who doesn't enjoy trivia, they could still win. We still love playing it after literally hundreds of rounds.

You Know It! is great for new groups - you get to know people as you learn their specialist subjects and secret pockets of knowledge. It's also loads of fun for close friends and families to try and wrong-foot each other and claim victory.

What they're saying about it...

The story of You Know It!

A year or two ago, Viv and I were having dinner with some friends after a performance of our comedy show Werewolf: Live. Everyone was in the mood for some more gaming, and our friend introduced us to "the Reference Game," in which we all made bets on who would know a quote from a film or TV show. This was mostly a way of dunking on our friend Claire, who, by her own admission, knows absolutely nothing about pop culture.

When our graphic designer friend Matthew (Jon's collaborator on puzzle adventure series History Mysteries) said he wanted to work on a fun party game, we knew exactly what to suggest. (With permission from our mates, of course.)

Sitting out the front of Somers Town Coffee House in London, we played a few rounds. It sort of worked, but it became obvious that the sticking point was the references. What constitutes a reference? If you're making a Simpsons reference, isn't half of it the character's voice? What categories could we have beyond film and TV?

Then, Viv suggested changing references to quiz questions, and just like that You Know It! was born.

Well, technically, Uncommon Knowledge was born. Then DJ and board game luminary Matt Edmonson suggested we change it to something that better described the game. Then I Know You Know was born. But that name was already taken. So THEN You Know It! was born.

Between the three of us and a small army of play-testers, we worked at refining the gameplay, visuals and experience. And now at last we have a watertight game that's ready for the big wide board game world.

Further down the road we plan on releasing expansion packs with more specific trivia, like movies or music, so you'll be playing You Know It! for many years to come.

You Know It! is a game for 3-6 players with playtime around 25 minutes. But trust us, you'll want to play more than once! And with 1,000 questions in the box, there's no danger of running out of trivia.

We're suggesting a playing age of 14+ simply because the questions are hard. But it's perfectly suitable for a younger player with good general knowledge.

In You Know It! you get points for answering questions correctly, and for correctly guessing how many other players answered correctly.

On top of that, you get a You Know It! and a You Don't Know It! token. Before each answer is revealed, you get a chance to bet on a fellow player with ONE of your two tokens. If you're correct, you get an extra point!

Think Holly knows loads about history? Play your You Know It! token on her for that question on Henry VIII.

See that vacant expression on your dad's face when One Direction came up? Might want to play your You Don't Know It! token on him for that one.

HOWEVER, if your bet is wrong, the point goes to the person you bet on. This is where bluffing comes in. If you lead people to think you know something you don't, and vice versa, the points will come rolling in!

And that's the game. Whoever has the most points at the end of 3 rounds wins!

While being good at trivia is an advantage, figuring out who knows what is how you win.

You Know It! is perfect for casual gamers and more advanced players alike. We've playtested it rigorously over hundreds of rounds and we're really proud of it! I even played it with my 95-year-old granny. She did surprisingly well, despite not answering any questions correctly.

UPDATE 1: We've reached 500% funding! We've been absolutely blown away by all your support and goodwill. To mark this incredible milestone, we've updated our colour box tier with a brand new PRIMO PURPLE option. We're also adding a bunch of new stretch goals to ramp up the game's quality even further.

UPDATE 2: We're now over 750% funded! What an achievement! We have a whole bunch of new stretch goals just for you. Heartfelt thanks to all our incredible backers.

The rewards are very simple: you get a game, (or a signed game, or a two-pack, or more if you want it for your shop). We have a few tiers that include playing games of Werewolf or You Know It!, and for those who want to seriously back us there's a tier that includes all perks and add-ons.

Tier 1
You Know It! base game

Get the hot new trivia game, You Know It! plus all applicable stretch goals.

Tier 2
Pink, Blue, Green or Purple box 

A copy of You Know It! signed by the creators: Jon, Viv & Matthew.

Tier 3
You Know It! + play Werewolf with Jon

A copy of You Know It! plus a seat in an online game of Werewolf. I run a comedy gameshow version of the bluffing game Werewolf which has been performed all over the world. Now you can play too! It'll be played over Zoom, and we'll do our best to find a time that everyone can make.

- A copy of You Know It!
- A seat in an online game of Werewolf with Jon!

Tier 4
You Know It! + play with the designers

Play a private game of You Know It! over Zoom with the designers Jon, Viv & Matthew. You can literally beat Jon at his own game! Caveat: Viv and Matthew may beat you. Comes with a signed copy of You Know It! Each game is max 6 players.

- A copy of You Know It!
- A private game of You Know It! for you and your friends!

Tier 5
You Know It All!

You are an official You Know It All! This means your name on the game box as associate producer, a private zoom call with the creators, and all other backer rewards. You rock!!

— 1x Signed copy of You Know It!
— 3x Copies of You Know It!, one in each of the Kickstarter-exclusive colours!
— Ticket to the launch party
— 2x You Know It! enamel pins
— 1x Seat in the Werewolf game
— Cameo from Jon
— Private game of You Know It! with the designers
— Your name on the box!

An extra copy of You Know It!

Buy one for a friend! There's no limit to how many you can order, go hog wild. If you're a retailer get in touch for commercial rates.

Get your copy of You Know It! signed by us!

Get the names of all three designers (Jon, Viv & Matt) on your copy of You Know It! If you've ordered multiple games in different colours, you can let us know in the pledge manager, after the Kickstarter has ended, which one you want signed. Or get them all done!

A thank you tweet from Jon

Jon will write you an effusive tweet thanking you for your generous patronage - let us know if there's anything special you want us to write!

A ticket to the online launch party

We're going to celebrate the release of our first EVER game with an online party! Join Jon, Viv & Matt as we sing songs, play games, answer your questions and party with you... and some very special guests! Date: TBD. Time: UK, evening.

You Know It! enamel pin badge

Show your support with this natty pin, and remind everyone who sees it that they do, indeed, Know It!

No Rolls Barred bonus question pack

In which episode did Johnny High Jump first appear? What's the longest NRB video currently out? How competitive is Holly? Show off just how much pointless knowledge you've absorbed over the years with this special NRB question pack!

Contains 50 questions of purest NRB nonsense.

A Cameo from Jon

Jon will record you a video, saying whatever you want! (within reason) He can't be bothered to set up a Cameo account, so if you want sweet personalised videos, this is your best bet!

Each copy of You Know It! contains the following:

— 1x Game Board
— 6 x Dry Erase Answer Boards
— 16x You Know It! / You Don't Know It! Tokens
— 200x Question Cards (total of 1,000 questions)
— 6x Playing Pieces
— 6x Dry Erase Markers
— 1x First Bet Totem
— 1x Rulebook

+ all applicable stretch goals

We are aiming to make You Know It! as high-quality a product as possible, while keeping the base game at a reasonable price. We have designed a few stretch goals to push the game experience even further still.

Any goals we achieve will be automatically included in all copies of the game. Additional stretch goals may be unlocked as the campaign progresses. Keep your eyes peeled!

Any goals we achieve will be automatically included in all copies of the game. Additional stretch goals may be unlocked as the campaign progresses. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you back us, we are hoping to get the game into your hands by March, 2025. Our two main time commitments are producing all the questions and the time it takes to manufacture and ship the game around the world. We understand the importance of not over-promising on delivery times, so we're working with some very experienced partners who are advising us on all things Kickstarter, budgeting, shipping, and backer communication. We will be in touch with all backers to keep them updated.

Please note that any tier prices do not include the cost of delivery. This is a separate charge that will vary depending on where you are in the world.

We are partnering with GamesQuest and Hive to handle payment and fulfilment. After the campaign closes you can use our pledge manager to tweak the details of your pledge, including updating your shipping address and adding extra items. Shipping costs will also be charged to you here. We will update you with a notification when we are close to our final ship date.

Our fulfilment partners offer region-based shipping, which helps reduce our customs fees. Please be aware that, outside of "customs friendly" regions, local taxes may still apply and will be your responsibility if applied. VAT/sales tax is included in the tier prices, and will not be applied later.

The shipping prices below are estimates. They are subject to change and we will update all pledgers if any significant changes occur.

Jon here - I've loved games most of my life, and it's been a real thrill to make one of my own. Your support in backing this Kickstarter will help pay for the initial print run of You Know It! and allow us to get it made. Plus it'll help me prove to my parents that board games aren't a complete waste of my life!**

I'm really proud of this game and I'm shocked at how fun it's been to play it, night after night. I think it's something special, and I'm so excited for you all to try it out. We've worked super hard on this, I can't wait for it to be out in the world.

From me and the whole team, I really hope you enjoy it.

Jon, Viv & Matthew x
Invisible Typewriter

Viv, Matt and Jon in the car on the way to UKGE, 2023

*Not really. We never made it official.

**Only kidding. Nothing is that powerful.

Pledge Levels
You Know It!
You Know It!

Get the hot new trivia game, You Know It!

Please be aware this price doesn't include shipping costs, which will be added later with the pledge manager.

Pledge £28

Estimated Delivery: March 2025

You Know It! - choose your colour!
You Know It! - choose your colour!

Get a copy of You Know It! in one of FOUR Kickstarter-exclusive box colours!

Choose from:

You can choose which colour you want later on in the pledge manager.

*Shipping charged after the campaign (see Shipping section for full details)

Pledge £38

Estimated Delivery: March 2025

10x copies (retailers only)
10x copies (retailers only)

10 copies of the You Know It! base game. Available exclusively for retailers (this will be confirmed in the pledge manager). Shipping costs to be confirmed.

Pledge £140

Estimated Delivery: March 2025

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