The Presence

The Presence

A horror board game about trust, tragedy and the unknown.

138,913 USD
of 14,572 USD Goal

Note: The final design of components is subject to change in development.

Note: The final look of the stretch goals is subject to change in development.



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By backing us now you will get The Presence at the lowest price possible, and you also help pack as many stretch goals as we can fit into the box. We're a small publisher that want to make something awesome, and we need your help to do it.

The Presence is a passion project, representing a long journey of over 5 years of development, in pursuit of a single question: Is it possible to design emotional horror in board game form? 

We have been able to work without deadlines to create something with unique gameplay, high-quality illustrations and a story full of details for you to discover. 

With your help The Presence can be made a reality. By backing now you support our vision and give us the means to provide board game and horror fans with something truly unique!

Can I get it later? 

It will be possible in the pledge manager, but we have pressured the pledge price for the campaign as much as we can. The PM prices will be somewhat increased. By backing now you also support us when we really need it! 

What about retail?

We currently do not have plans for a broad retail release. Our primary focus is the game itself at this moment. The only guarantee we can make is to those retailers who decide to back us right here and now. If you want your local store to stock it, please let them know that there is a retailer pledge option available. 

Why make this game?

As fans of emotional horror, we wanted to create a strategic game that also tells a story of darkness and of human tragedy. We wanted to see if we could create an immersive experience where you feel your presence in the world of the game, and can enjoy the tension and atmosphere together with your friends.

This is a challenging vision, and we are not the ones to say whether we have succeeded or not, that will be up to you! We hope to not only get the chance to show you what we've been working on, but also to help us make this the best experience for true horror fans that it can possibly get.

Do you want to help?

Please join development by using the materials provided by us and help give feedback. We are looking for play testers, both for the first play experience and for playtesting the campaign. If you are interested join our Discord to learn more on how to get involved. 

Whether you simply comment, pledge or join in playtesting we very much feel it directly, we need people like you! You make us realize that what we are doing matters, that there are others that share this vision with us. We cannot do this alone, we are in this together!

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Other: We cannot ship to PO Boxes domestically or internationally. Due to the size of each package, there is too great a risk of the package being bounced back to us. 

Collaboration Partners 

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April Update!

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Pledge Levels
The Presence (Late Pledge)
The Presence (Late Pledge)

One copy of The Presence including all unlocked stretch goals. English language.

Pledge $59

Estimated Delivery: July 2025

Retailer Pledge (Late Pledge)
Retailer Pledge (Late Pledge)

A deposit for 4+ copies of The Presence with a retailer discount. You are getting 4 games including all stretch goals, and may add more in the pledge manager.

* You will be required to verify retailer status.

Pledge $162

Estimated Delivery: July 2025

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