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The Presence

The Presence is a strategic horror-game, set in a place and time where candlelight was the only means to hold back the darkness and the things hiding within. Trust is at the core of the game, creating a feeling of overarching uncertainty and dread. Learn More

Gameplay Features

  • Explore the manor in a narrative campaign
  • Play as 4 unique spirits or 8 visitor characters
  • The spirit will be good or evil, can you trust it?
  • The visitors win by deduction and cooperation
  • The spirit wins by fulfilling its hidden goal

A Thematic Horror Experience

The Presence is a strategic horror game that puts you in a victorian era ghost story. It is an asymmetric game for 3-5 players and focuses on the tragic past of an old seaside manor and its unsuspecting visitors.

One player will play as the Presence, a spirit with hidden intentions. Trust is at the core of the gaming experience with players not knowing if the Presence is playing a cooperative game or an adversarial one.

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