Terraria Limited Edition Figures Wave 1A

Terraria Limited Edition Figures Wave 1A

255,142 USD
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 Terraria Limited Edition 5" Figures 

You’ve explored, crafted, and fought across the world of Terraria. Now bring that world to your desktop, coffee table, or bookshelf with these limited edition collectible figures from Skyland Arts! Collect the Shadow Armor PC wielding Light’s Bane, the Dryad, and the ghastly Eye of Cthulhu. 

We're incredibly proud to be working with Re-Logic to bring you Wave 1A of the Terraria 5-inch PVC figures. The figures in Wave 1A are:

The player clad in Shadow Armor wielding Light's Bane: 
 The Dryad casting Dryad's Blessing: 
The dreaded Eye of Cthulhu boss with 2 stages:

 (note: final Eye of Cthulhu figure will be mounted to its base, raised atop a 4-inch dowel)

Each figure is approximately 5" tall plus base, fully painted and ready to decorate your desk, tabletop, bookcase, or Zoom background. 

Our factory is ready to produce!

The factory is working right now! Tooling of the steel production molds has already begun and our factory is ready to produce the figures. This pre-order campaign helps us judge how many of each figure to produce.  That means your pre-order here guarantees delivery!

Add-ons available!

 You can add additional units of ANY of our three 5" figures to any pledge level, just in case you need to pick up more for your friends and family. Also, if you back at any reward tier that includes a 5" figure, you may also opt to add in any of the four enamel pins we will be making (or add the full set of 4!) with no additional shipping fees for the pins.

The Add-On options are inside each Reward Tier, so your options to add in the Add-On items will be there for you to manage at any time. 

Due to popular demand, we also now have a Reward Tier that includes all (3) figures pictured above, and all (4) pins pictured below. You can either back at the $60 3-figure tier and add the $40 pin set as an Add-On, or you can back at the $100 3-figure/4-pin tier. Either of those options will come out to the exact same amount of money pledged, same rewards, and same ship costs too.

 What's next?

The full run of Wave 1 is 12 planned figures:

  • Wave 1A: Figures 1-3: Shadow Armor Player - Eye of Cthulhu - the Dryad
  • Wave 1B: Figures 4-6 To Be Announced Soon - Already in Pre-Production!
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IG: @SkylandArts

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*Note: all figure pics are prototypes. We're making minor adjustments for production so some changes to the final product should be expected.

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