Coming Soon on Kickstarter Solarion - Foundation of Empires

Solarion - Foundation of Empires

Solarion is a competitive, 4x, sci-fi area control game that features deck building, a dynamic card market, and a modular board.

A galaxy of conquering species have come up from a vast array of histories. Their desire for exploration and expansion throughout the galaxy to propagate their kind foretells a dark time for the peaceful ancient species on existing planets. Destructive events are on the horizon.

In Solarion: Foundation of Empires, players will be attempting to control a hex-tile galaxy with a deck of technologies and strategies hoping to gain control of resource producing planets, worlds habitable for colonists, and valuable Solarion planets for end game scoring. The game uses a technology deck divided into 3 parts fueling a card row for purchases similar to other deck builders. Three scorings occur over the course of play with different scoring cards for each. The game ends when either the last deck of cards is depleted, or a player has used their last colonist.

After these galactic ages, players count up their points and the most epic species is the new overlord of the galaxy.

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