Coming Soon on Kickstarter License to Krill card game

License to Krill card game

License to Krill

License to Krill delivers quick yet strategic gameplay with a whale plush with an appetite for your cards! Bring the family to the table or kick off an epic game night.

This Kickstarter campaign aims to net enough support to bring this fin-tastic game to your tabletop. Dive in with us as we explore the fascinating world of License to Krill together.

"License to Krill" is not just another fish in the sea. It combines strategic depth with quick gameplay. Navigate through treacherous waters, drafting cards to assemble the ultimate krill team. But beware – the ocean is a dangerous place! The whale is always lurking, ready to gobble up your hard-earned points. Will you risk it all for the big score, or play it safe and live to swim another day?


  • Level playing ground (novice versus seasoned)
  • Good balance of luck versus skill
  • Suitable for fourth graders (and up) to play independently of mom and dad
  • Real-life fun facts on each Krill game
  • Not suitable for those allergic to shellfish puns!


  1. Pick a card from the Ocean Market. Choose between cards with the most points, best action, or lowest whale risk.
  2. Perform the whale action paired with your chosen card. This might move the whale to target a new player or tigger another whale card (see below).
  3. End your turn always with a whale card. These include whale naps, Ocean Market resets, or Krilling Time (when the Whale to eat a card)!

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