Keep the Heroes Out: Boss Battles

Keep the Heroes Out: Boss Battles

Make your dungeon toasty and the heroes extra crispy in this cooperative dungeon defense game.

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of 10,000 USD Goal
"Watch out, Heroes! you are about to meet your sticky demise!"

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Multilingual Support

Bruce, didn't you read the dungeonbook? Why do you keep falling in our traps?

Keep the Heroes Out!  cards have no text at all. As such, with just the rulebook you will be able to play the game in all supported languages.

Inside the box the rulebook and dungeon book will be in the English language, but through Boardgamegeek you will be able to download them in all of the following languages: English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. 

How to Play

Learn in a Turn by Cardboard Stacker


Play through by Better Half Reviews

Social Goals

Every day a new challenge will be revealed 11AM GMT-3!

Active Challenge

How can the Vampire heal himself, eliminate all heroes, and deal the last damage to the Medusa in one single turn? To unlock today's challenge, answer the puzzle in the comments section! All entries are valid, you don't need to have a correct answer, however your answer counts 2x if you manage to defeat them all!

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Expansions marked as Kickstarter Exclusive  can only be purchased during our crowdfunding campaigns or if you find us at conventions, not being wide-available in retail afterwards.

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Our Pledge Manager is Live!

2024-02-02 23:57:28 Read More
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