Keep The Heroes Out - 2nd Wave

Keep The Heroes Out - 2nd Wave

Heroes are better served roasted in this cooperative dungeon defense game.

466,622 USD
of 10,000 USD Goal

Hi everyone! The games have been loaded on ships before the Chinese new year and are making their way to the hubs:
Europe: 2023-02-18 the games should arrive in Greece, from there they will go to the hubs, to start being shipped to you in March.
USA: 2023-02-28 the games should arrive in Chicago, from there they will go to your hub, to start being shipped to you by mid March.
Canada: 2023-03-05 the games should arrive in Halifax, from there they will go to your hub, to start being shipped to you by the end of March.
Asia: We are arranging for VFI to collect your games in the following week, as the games are already in Asia your delivery should start by the end of the month.
Rest of the World, Australia and NZ will be handled through Happyshops (Europe) this time.

For more information, check our update in BGG. As soon as I have more details I will be updating you there.

Are you really sure you didn't leave the door open?
Click to download the W.I.P. Rulebook and Dungeon Book
Multilingual Support

Keep the Heroes Out!  cards have no text at all. As such, with just the rulebook you will be able to play the game in all supported languages.

Inside the box the rulebook and dungeon book will be in the English language, but through Boardgamegeek you will be able to download the rulebook in all of the following languages: English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

I'll go write down that spell, can you place some traps for us?
Keep the Heroes Out! Meeples are Big and crunchy!

Play Keep the Heroes Out Online on Tabletopia!

Click to play Keep the heroes Out online on Tabletopia!

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Give him the bone slowly... If we manage to tame an Oculord we will become legends!
Hero meeples can be used either to replace the tokens in full coop or to play 1vsMANY game mode included in the expansion!
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