Ice Floes & Foes

Ice Floes & Foes

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In Ice Floes & Foes, 2-6 players will try and save the seals and whales from the fishing boats and hunters. Slide ice floes onto the board, aiming to get the fishing boats and hunters to fall off the board on the other side. Be careful not to push the seals and whales off the board though! Because ice floe movement is unpredictable, adults and children have an equal chance to win, making it fun for everyone!

In the Deluxe edition, you will gain all acrylic bits, ánd all cardboard bits!

Unique artwork for each fishing boat

 The rules are very simple, but the movement of the ice floes is unpredictable!

On your turn, you push three ice floes onto the board, one at a time. You have to push it in a straight line until 100% of the ice floe is on the board. If any fishing boats and/or hunters fall off, you keep them as a trophy. Collect 5 to win! Pushing animals off the board will end your turn prematurely, so be careful...

That's 2 points in one go! (a ship and a hunter)
Sometimes, you don't push an ice floe on the opposite side off the board, but right next to where you pushed!
That's a point!

 Unfiltered Gamer also played Ice Floes & Foes in a live stream! Notice how placing the board on top of the box makes gameplay a lot easier :)

In the Deluxe Edition you get acrylic ánd cardboard bits!

 You can pledge for either the Standard Edition of Ice Floes & Foes for €19 ($23), or the Deluxe Edition for €49 ($58).

Click on the image for more information about Monuments

In addition, we offer add-ons of our game Monuments, that ran on Kickstarter earlier this year and is expected to ship at the same time as Ice Floes & Foes. You can add-on Monuments for the same price as during that Kickstarter, which is €39 for Standard, €69 for Deluxe and €99 for Super Deluxe. 

In the Pledge Manager, you will also be able to choose any of our previously published games (Scuba, The Dutch East Indies, Adventures on the High Seas, Tour Operator, Tikal, Mexica, Cuzco, Mississippi Queen and Old Masters).

Retailers can pledge €50 now, and can complete their order in our Pledge Manager. Retailers can choose from all our games including both editions of Ice Floes & Foes and will receive a 50% discount on MSRP and discounted shipping.

If you are interested in a group pledge (minimum of 6 games), please contact us with the numbers and editions you are interested in and the country you live in, and we will calculate your discount and shipping costs.

Shipping a container from China now costs 5x as much as it did before Covid, but we will eat those costs. We'll even pay €5 for shipping the game from our warehouses to your home. That leaves you with only these shipping costs, which we'll charge in the Pledge Manager:

Dennis and Kees won the 'Toy of the Year' award in the Netherlands in 2018 for their game 'The Great Tour'
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