How to Win Brexit?

How to Win Brexit?

Strategic Role-Playing Board Game Simulating Brexit Negotiations

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Experience Brexit Negotiations with Our Engaging, Role-Playing, Strategic Political Board Game!

You've certainly heard of Brexit, but now you have the chance to immerse yourself in the roles and strategies of Europe's most complex negotiations of the 21st century.

'How to Win Brexit?' is a game for EVERYONE with a passion for politics, negotiations, leadership, and making challenging decisions. All you need is to like strategic board games!

You don't need to be an expert in Brexit or politics to enjoy our game. We've got you covered! We've meticulously crafted the game's materials to include all the necessary themes, options, and backgrounds for your Brexit negotiations.

The materials are in English, but you're free to negotiate your own Brexit Deal in any language you prefer!

Our team has been diligently working to create a captivating prototype game. Featuring boards, cards, tokens, and a beautifully designed box, this game is evolving into something truly remarkable. But our ambitions don't stop here!

Take a look INSIDE OUR PROTOTYPE BOX and see for yourself the potential of this amazing game!

Embark on a journey back to the historic Brexit negotiations period of 2017-2019, with just a maximum of 90 minutes to strike a Deal. Navigate the highly polarized political climate, reconcile conflicting objectives, and tackle the challenging task of finding consensus.

In FIVE ROUNDS of gameplay, determine your stance on various Brexit issues and formulate your OWN WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT! Experience a unique blend of gaming entertainment, political education, and critical reflection as you explore deeper into the intricate dynamics of Brexit negotiations.

Step into the shoes of a key political figure from either the United Kingdom or the European Union, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of politics and diplomacy!

In this role-playing game, you'll take on the role of a real-life character, such as the UK Prime Minister or the German Chancellor, amongst others. You'll need to navigate complex political interests, seeking common ground between teams, all while prioritizing your own team's needs.

Collaborate, negotiate, and strategize as a team member or leader to determine the terms under which the United Kingdom departs the European Union.

This game is akin to a riveting chess match with endless possibilities, where every decision carries weight. So, embrace the thrill and hone your negotiation skills in these gripping Brexit negotiations!

In our game, each political character and team has unique goals shrouded in intrigue. As a player, you will analyze objectives and develop your strategy.

As you scrutinize your political goals, every choice reverberates, and alliances can shift in an instant. Your mission is to outmaneuver your rivals and prevail in this high-stakes strategic contest.

You'll construct your own Withdrawal Agreement! Each decision you make shapes your trajectory and defines the final deal.

Throughout each round of negotiations, you'll be compelled to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each decision, navigating the complexities of Brexit.

But don't worry, our game is not about choosing a side in the contentious Brexit debate! We aren't pushing any political agenda. We acknowledge the passion and emotion on all sides.  Instead, our goal is to challenge your political perspectives and stimulate you to engage in various negotiation scenarios.

Brace yourself for the unpredictable. Our thrilling 'Breaking News' event cards can upend your political strategy and disrupt the Brexit negotiations.

Adapt, remain flexible, and be ready with contingency plans. Embrace change and transform challenges into opportunities. Your future success in your Brexit negotiations hinges on this.

In politics, even the smallest decision can trigger significant consequences. That's why gaining an advantage over your opponents is key. 'Action Cards' in our game allow you to do just that.

These cards can be used strategically to sway political decisions in your favor, whether it's to secure a pivotal vote or sabotage your opponents. However, remember that each card comes with a cost, so carefully consider the risks and benefits before taking action.

In our game, you'll compete against other players and teams to rise through the ranks. Your strategy can either prioritize individual or team interests, or you may choose to sacrifice these for the sake of the final agreement.

Be warned, the competition is intense, and each decision is crucial. Rely on your political savvy to prevail.

Pledge Levels

You will receive the complete game with all its thrilling components, including the Main Voting Boards, Score Board, Withdrawal Agreement Boards, Character Cards, Breaking News and Action Cards, and so much more. Plus, you'll get all the Stretch Goal bonuses related to the game elements.

Pledge €69

Estimated Delivery: Feb 2024

Limited Quantity: 22 left


In this pledge, you will get standard game package that includes key game elements such as Main Voting Boards, Score Board, Withdrawal Agreement Boards, Character Cards, Breaking News, and Action Cards, among numerous other exciting features. But this pledge introduces the exclusive Special Brexit Political Chess Figures Collection, bringing 3D printed game characters to your table, such as the UK Prime Minister, the French President, the German Chancellor, and the Foreign Secretary who subsequently assumed the role of the UK Prime Minister. Additionally, you will receive all the Stretch Goal bonuses connected to the game elements for an enhanced gaming experience.

Pledge €87

Estimated Delivery: Feb 2024

Limited Quantity: 67 left


Pledging as retailers for a minimum of five copies of the full version of our game, complete with all Stretch Goals connected to the game elements.

Pledge €147.5

Estimated Delivery: Feb 2024

Limited Quantity: 20 left

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