Hike It! – The Backpacking Board Game

Hike It! – The Backpacking Board Game

55,058 USD
of 24,000 USD Goal
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Update #4

Hike It! Update #23 - Pledge Manager is Closing

2023-08-08 17:36:07 Read More
Update #3

Hike It! Update #22 - TJ Swing - Hike It Designer - Will be Live on YouTube TONIGHT!

2023-07-26 23:43:19 Read More
Update #2

Hike It! Update #21 - The Manufacturing Process Is Under Way

2023-07-25 06:12:49 Read More
Update #1

Hike It! Board Game Update - Long Overdue

2023-06-06 22:44:09 Read More
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