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Escape Master

Escape Master is a competitive real-time speed card game for families and parties.

Speed wins the game!

Start with 10 cards in your hand. Play numbered cards in ascending or descending order. Play faster than your opponents. Any cards left in your hand after each round count against you. The lowest score wins!

At first glance, the game is basic. However, this is no ordinary speed card game...

The Escape Master himself smiles down upon the less fortunate, while the Doom Master’s personal quest is to squash your rebellion. Will you be blessed by the Escape Master's navigational wisdom or plagued by the Doom Master and his traps? It is impossible to know...

Launch date postponed from the date stated in this video*

Magnetic Game Box

1 Rule Book

124 Cards Total:

  • 6 Quick Guides
  • 6 Escape Leader Cards
  • 12 Story Cards
  • 12 Cards in the Mouse Suit 
  • 12 Cards in the Vapor Ninja Suit
  • 12 Cards in the Lumberjack Suit
  • 12 cards in the Robot Suit
  • 12 Cards in the Teen Suit
  • 12 Cards in the Average Joe Suit
  • 7 Wisdom Cards
  • 6 Start Cards
  • 6 Trap Cards
  • 6 Escape Cards
  • 2 Dead End Cards
  • 1 Doom Master Card


1 Rule Sheet

46 Cards Total:

  • 6 Quick Guides
  • 12 Escape Leader Cards
  • 12 Story Cards
  • 2 Trap Cards
  • 2 Escape Cards
  • 2 Dead End Cards
  • 4 Blunder Cards
  • 2 Joker Cards (Bamboozler and Gibberer)
  • 1 Bodyguard Card
  • 1 Shalom Card
  • 1 Curse Card
  • 1 Dark Abyss Card

It is truly ONE-OF-A-KIND 

  • Don't miss out on the first game to integrate classic speed mechanics and gripping fantasy lore.
  • Experience card combinations and on-the-fly strategic maneuvers never before seen or dared to be imagined in the world of speed card games. 

It is unpredictable and visually stunning!

  • Imagine the thrill of taking laps in a NASCAR race. That's your average speed card game. Now imagine speeding down the most beautiful racecar track in the world, with the ocean on one side and rolling hills on the other. THAT is Escape Master.
  • Escape Master plays like a highly competitive sport, leaving players hungry for continual skill development.

It solves the age-old problem with speed card games

  • Problem: People hate getting left in the dust by speed demons.
  • Solution: Every player is kept in the game with the help of Story cards and their Escape Leader's unique Beast Mode!

Dear incredible person online who loves games, 

We are absolutely thrilled that you would consider joining our creative journey. My name is Zac, and my wife's name is Lily. Together, we make Zily. 

I am a physical therapist, and my wife is a social worker (among many other things). We both love playing games!

I recently delved into my passion for game design following a season of loss. Cancer claimed my mother's life in late 2022, making me drastically rethink my pursuits in life. Her death reminded me that life is too short not to try something you love.

This is our first game and is our ground zero Kickstarter. We are building our brand from the ground up! You can check out our website and subscribe to our email list here. Our goal is to reach 1,000 email subscribers before we launch. The sooner we reach it, the sooner we can launch! Can you help us get there?

While our campaign may be a little rough around the edges, we believe a treasure trove of fun awaits you beneath the surface. 

Be our gem cutter, and help us get going. I guarantee, with your support, we will work hard until you see a radiant diamond sparkle!

Shipping, VAT, and applicable taxes will be calculated and applied after our Kickstarter campaign through Hive. For your convenience, we intend to partner with Game Quest to offer customs friendly shipping to the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and China.

We are hoping to provide digital copies of the rulebook in English, French, German, and Mandarin.

More Details

  • The cards and components included in this project were meticulously created by multiple talented human artists and graphic designers collaborating and experimenting with AI. Midjourney, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign were the major platforms used in the lengthy design process. No card content is solely the result of AI generation, and the final product is a celebration of both human talent and the technological advances available to help small creators put forth their big ideas. 
  • Escape Master has been in development over the past year and a half. Throughout that time, the game has constantly been playtested and refined, and we are still in the process of making it better! Join our Escape Master Enthusiasts Facebook group to get in on the action!
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