Erevan's Guide to Death and Beyond

Erevan's Guide to Death and Beyond

A 350+page tome full of macabre creatures, Undead races, grafting mechanics and necromancy! Death is only the start in this book for 5e

Erevan’s Guide to Death and Beyond is a 350+ page book that will bring you dark spells, unholy monsters, arcane craftable items and undying Megabosses! It also comes with the Undying Accord, a 180+ page book that includes an uncanny new campaign for levels 1 through 10! Find out what happens after a Total Party Kill!

The book will include new death mechanics, an Undead Grafting System, more than 10 terrifying undead Megabosses - each with its own miniature, an array of profane lairs, each with its own gruesome mechanic, 8 new haunting races, otherworldly familiars, dark subclasses and all you need to create the best haunting, cursed stories for your games!

But that's not all! This campaign will offer dice sets, numerous card decks, handouts, GM Screens and so much more dark material for your games!

Are you afraid of dying?! In Erevan's Guide, Death is only the beginning!

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