Coming Soon on Kickstarter Ember Dice! Premium, Handcrafted Metal Dice!

Ember Dice! Premium, Handcrafted Metal Dice!

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Here you can have a look at our 3 previous Ember Dice sets, that have been released and sold through our Etsy Store for the past 3 years. We are proud to have only 5 star reviews from our customers in our Etsy Store, you can check these yourself here:

The Arcanum Dice Set
Etsy Store Arcanum Dice Set Customer Review
The Iron Warden Dice Set
Etsy Store Iron Warden Dice Set Customer Review
The Moon Weaver Dice Set
Etsy Store Moon Weaver Dice Set Customer Review

"Ember Dice are the BEST metal dice I have ever seen or touched!"

Bobby Downey- Wyrmwood Gaming

Ember Forge proudly presents our 2 brand-new dice sets for our first Kickstarter campaign!

The Yggdrasil Set
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The Atlantean Set
 project video thumbnail

Ember Forge also guarantees both a great and safe Kickstarter experience and a smooth production and fulfillment process. Let us explain why this is the case:


The premium metal Ember Dice series is not just an idea or an experimental product. On the contrary, we have been producing and selling Ember Dice for the past 3 years! We are very experienced with the whole production process of them and we have accounted for the larger needs and greater demand of a more concentrated and mass production in all aspects, without compromising the quality of our dice and products. We are certain that we will be able to deliver the best possible products and accompanied services to all our backers. But don’t hear it from us, hear it from our Etsy store customers.

“Purchased these for a gift... upon receiving them they surpassed my expectations... the quality was excellent never seen this design and it is great... this crafter is amazing and should be applauded... Love these” ***** 

Amiee, Ember Dice customer

Our Ember Dice Etsy Store enjoys only 5 star reviews and you can check them all yourself here.


Although this is the first official Kickstarter campaign of Ember Forge, we are very experienced with Kickstarter campaigns. Our staff has worked on, coordinated and managed more than 10 successful Kickstarter campaigns in the hobby industry, in the past 5 years, with 3 different companies, most of which have already been delivered or are currently being delivered. We are established professionals in the hobby industry for years and for Ember Dice we have run our numbers many times to ensure that there are no hidden costs, unwelcome surprises or difficulties that we will not be able to face effectively, transparently and confidently to ensure a smooth and enjoyable Kickstarter campaign funding process. We can openly vouch that we have already accounted for all production, taxation and fulfillment costs, costs possible increases, financial, legal, administrative issues that could occur and we will utilize a vast network of established professionals in all necessary fields including production, marketing, visual materials, licensing and ip, packaging, fulfillment to be able to see the project through successfully. We are more than confident to officially declare that all of you get all your rewards in the estimated timeframe with no additional costs to be incurred from your side and that we will be constantly updating you transparently about all stages of production and fulfillment.


The whole production process will be taking place in our workshops in Athens, Greece and in the facilities of all the companies that we are collaborating with, including but not limited to the molding and foundry processes, also in Athens, Greece. The wooden boxes will be produced by Rathskellers in their facilities and workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thus, the whole of the production will be taking place in Greece, which is a country member of the European Union and thus abides to all relevant environmental pacts and treaties for production, namely the Vienna Convention (1985), the Montreal Protocol (1987), the Kyoto Protocol (1997) and the Paris Agreement (2015). Greece, being a member of the EU, also abides to EU pacts and protocols regarding minimum wages and abolishment of child and illegal labor.

We consider the protection of the environment and sustainable production as major pillars of Ember Forge and thus we are very happy to be producing locally and not outsourcing our production to other countries, whose environmental regulations and practices cannot be easily checked and verified.

We are not and we will be using not using any plastic or plastic byproducts in any of our final products for our first Kickstarter campaign and we will try to do so in further projects that we develop and products that we make available to our customers. All our metal products are made of 100% recyclable bronze alloys that are environmentally sustainable or by gold and silver alloys that are also fully recyclable and sustainable. Rathskellers’ wooden boxes are created by eco-sustainably sourced wood and they also use no plastic in their production. We will be only using a minimum amount of fully recycled and recyclable plastic in our packaging.

We strongly believe that our whole planet’s environment is facing a tremendously difficult challenge and if all people and most importantly all new business don’t try to act upon it, having the environment’s best interest in mind, future generations will suffer immensely.


This is a short explanation regarding the waves and why we have chosen this system of production and delivery. Although we have expanded in many areas, including new capital investments, new workshop facilities and more Ember Forge team members, there are still capacities to our production. In order for all stages of production to get all the attention they really need, time is needed with the products in our hands for the various necessary production steps, you can find more details in the next paragraph.

In a best-case scenario, that we need to produce and ship thousands of dice sets, we have optimized and calculated our production, still we will be able to produce 1500 dice sets per month, as a maximum. Counting the various add-ons that everybody will want to include in their pledges, we arrived at this wave system that gives us both flexibility but also guarantees you a premium product with high attention to detail.

All those that pledge for a pledge of WAVE 1 will be getting their rewards and add-ons within the next 6 months after the end of our Kickstarter campaign, while, if the demand is high enough, a WAVE 2 of all pledge levels will be unlocked, that will be delivered to backers within the next 4 months. We are also planning a couple of special pledge levels that could also be unlocked down the road, for which we will be separately informing you, regarding their production and delivery.

We aim that the very high majority, if not all, of our backers will be getting their pledges before a whole year since the start of our Ember Dice campaign! We have already started our production for some months now and we cannot wait to share our dice with all of you! :)


Ember Dice are created through many different and also fairly complicated processes, utilizing knowledge from design, molding and handcrafted jewelry all at once!

Now let's elaborate just a little. Ember Dice are firstly meticulously designed by Labros and our team, putting a lot of effort and time both in the theme and artistic part of the design as well as in the best possible practical applications that are needed for the various different dice. A lot of attention is put in the balancing of the dice, achieving this with a wide variety of techniques so that all dice are perfectly balanced.

Afterwards, we do a lot of testing with our dice to ensure the best possible mold creation, that will be used for the final products. We produce many different runs of test-dice and do quality control in the material, balancing, appearance and all necessary variables.

Once our final molds have been created, Ember Dice are casted in metal (Bronze and Silver on occasions) in various partner foundries that we closely work with, all of them coming from a jewelry background as well, to ensure a very detailed, high quality and durable product.

Once our dice come out of the foundry they are very dirty and gritty and their surface is something like sandpaper, not to mention they have all these extra tubes which is where the molten metal entered the die. After we detach and do the first cleanup, each piece is hand sawed, hand filled, hand painted and hand polished by an actual person and not some automated process. As jewelers we appreciate and recognize the almost mystical qualities that exist in a piece that has been worked individually by a craftsman, and this is exactly the feeling that we want to represent with our creations! When you hold our dice in your hands, rest assured that they have spent quite a lot of time in our hands first! :)

Finally, the last part of quality control is done by our team to ensure that no single piece deviates from the highest possible quality and then we package them and have them ready for delivery!


Ember Forge has invested in new capital equipment (a brand-new ProJet MJP 2500W 3D printer), a workshop expansion, employed more people in various positions (Operations, Marketing & Sales, Goldsmiths) and has already started all necessary pre-production processes for the final production for our first Ember Dice Kickstarter campaign! We have been calculating everything, promoting our new brand and products and we are more than ready and super excited to greet and welcome all of you and all, yes, even the crazier ones, of your orders! We take all your support very seriously, we are of course super grateful for it and we don't plan to let anyone of you down! :)

We thank you for your support brave adventurers!

Ember Forge is an independent jewelry and metal gaming products studio based in Athens, Greece founded by Labros Papageorgiou in 2019

Ember Forge was born as the labor of the two biggest loves of Labros: jewlery making, which he has been practicing for more than 15 years and D&D and tabletop RPGs, which he has been playing even longer! Thus Ember Forge was born! A studio for creating dice, gaming accessories, gamers' jewelry and all things of fantastical and epic metal!!

Ember Forge launched the Ember Dice series back in 2019 with the two first designs, the Arcanum Dice Set and the Iron Warden Dice Set shortly after, while we launched the Moon Weaver Dice set in 2021. We are now bringing you our 2 brand-new dice sets, the elegant Yggdrasil and the mighty Atlantean, for the first time in this Kickstarter campaign at great offers!

If you want to check more about Labros' jewelry creations, you can check his jewelry website and brand RHEA JEWELRY here!

Our Story and mission

The sparks of the Ember Forge were ignited back in 2015 from a  traditional jewelry workshop in Athens, Greece by Labros Papageorgiou, a  professional jeweler and designer, who loves his craft just as much as a  little thing you might have heard called Dungeons & Dragons.

It  was only a matter of time for Labros to combine his love for RPGs, DnD,  board gaming and all things nerdy, with his unique designs and  exceptional quality craftsmanship to create Ember Forge with its Ember  Dice and Accessories!

Now, Ember Forge is a growing team of  professional geeks, working together to bring you the best quality metal  dice sets and accessories for your adventures. Ember Forge takes great  pride in having designed, manufactured and delivered thousands of  meticulously crafted metal dice all over the world to thousands of happy  customers!

We do not see our products as mere dice but rather as small  pieces of hand crafted and hand sculpted art, created with pure love for  the fantastical and meant to last for a life time (even passed down to  the generations of tiny gamers to come ;D )

Our Vision

Ember Forge aims to design and craft unique, artisan metal  dice and accessories that will be cherished and treasured! We want our  products to enhance you gaming experience in a unique and magical way.  By using our knowledge and craftmanship to draw from the realm of  fantasy, we bring into your actual hands artifacts that have a taste of  the arcane, the ancient lore and the heroic that your adventures  deserve!


Our Mission

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