Dwar7s Winter

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You built and defended your kingdom, and now that Winter is here, you need to battle the harsh elements and chillingly scary monsters.

Dwar7s Winter is a hand-building, worker placement, resource management game with tower defense elements in the gameplay. Each player wants to achieve the most victory points, but the only way to survive the winter is to work together.

While Dwar7s Winter is the sequel to Dwar7s Fall, it is an independent, standalone game that includes 64 highly-detailed miniatures.

Dwar7s Winter Game Setup

Dwar7s Winter Components
Core Rule Book (English)
by Vesuvius Media 
[2018-10-22 18:27:42]
Core Rule Book (Hungarian)

[2018-05-15 13:02:27]
Core Rule Book (Polish)
by Kryspin "Rayos" Kras 
[2018-06-17 16:56:04]
Core Rule Book (Spanish)
by Cartón Olvidado 
[2018-05-18 18:46:41]
Core Rule Book (Japanese)
by Kei Kouji 
[2018-07-10 16:50:38]
Core Rule Book (Dutch)
by John Jacobs 
[2018-07-16 19:52:56]
Core Rule Book (Italian)
by Fabio Piovesan 
[2018-08-14 13:58:21]
Core Rule Book (Greek)
by Vesuvius Media 
[2018-08-14 13:59:46]
Core Rule Book (German)
by Vesuvius Media 
[2018-08-14 14:05:03]
Core Rule Book (Portuguese)
by Mandala Jogos 
[2018-09-03 12:52:43]
Core Rule Book (French)
by Leo Melanson & Romain Jugal 
[2018-09-24 13:37:26]
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