Dwar7s Spring

92,117 USD
of 15,000 USD Goal
Dwar7s Spring is a worker placement, engine building game for 2-4 players.

Now that the winter is over, and you have successfully defended your kingdom, it is time to expand your empire by exploring the world and building settlements.

Beware! Monsters are lurking around every corner. You will need to enlist mighty heroes to empower your ranks and defeat the monsters.

Last but not least, you will need to find rare dragon eggs, hatch them, and train your dragons to become formidable companions.

Dwar7s Spring

With the help of an army of heroes, you will save the faeries and use their magic to explore the world and build a mighty empire!

Spring is upon us! As the flowers blossom, empires will rise!

Dwar7s Spring Components

Dwar7s Spring: Enchanted Forest
Dwar7s Spring
by Vesuvius Media 
[2020-07-24 21:16:59]
Enchanted Forest Expansion
by Vesuvius Media 
[2020-07-24 21:17:06]
Elven Uprising Expansion
by Vesuvius Media 
[2020-07-24 21:17:10]
_Legendary Rules (Corrected Typo)

[2020-07-24 21:17:15]
Dwar7s Spring (IT)
by Fabio Piovesan 
[2020-09-06 16:51:47]
Enchanted Forest Expansion (IT)
by Fabio Piovesan 
[2020-09-06 16:51:09]
Elven Uprising Expansion (IT)
by Fabio Piovesan 
[2020-09-06 16:51:21]
Dwar7s Spring (Polish)
by Rayos 
[2020-07-08 22:33:07]
Enchanted Forest Expansion (Polish)
by Rayos 
[2020-07-08 22:33:11]
Elven Uprising Expansion (Polish)
by Rayos 
[2020-07-08 22:33:16]
Core Rulebook (French)
by Jonathan Coulombe 
[2020-07-11 02:25:30]
Enchanted Forest Expansion (French)
by Jonathan Coulombe 
[2020-07-24 21:16:44]
Elven Uprising (French)
by Jonathan Coulombe 
[2020-07-13 20:37:01]
Dwar7s Spring (ES)
by Luis López y Mario Quiles 
[2020-07-29 14:45:21]
Enchanted Forest Expansion (Spanish)
by Luis López y Mario Quiles 
[2020-07-29 14:45:26]
Elven Uprising Expansion (Spanish)
by Luis López y Mario Quiles  
[2020-07-30 00:10:26]
Dwar7s Spring (German)

[2020-07-31 19:20:16]
Enchanted Forest Expansion (German)

[2020-08-29 14:29:13]
Elven Uprising (German)

[2020-08-27 01:28:40]
Dwar7s Spring (Portuguese)
by Rodrigo Deus 
[2020-08-03 01:40:19]
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