Covil: The Dark Overlords

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In Covil: The Dark Overlords you will struggle for the supremacy of the regions surrounding an isolated town. Each player controls a Dark Overlord with unique powers and countless minions to “defend the world from enemy hordes" and bring “peace and security to the territories” — at a cost, of course!

The game is a tribute to awesome 70's,80's & 90's cartoons, filled with references to our favorite and unforgettable characters.
Core Rulebook (English)
by Vesuvius Media 
[2017-12-08 20:13:35]
Core Rule Book (German)
by Vesuvius Media 
[2018-05-21 20:41:58]
Core Rule Book (Spanish)
by Arrakis Games 
[2017-12-28 21:39:11]
Core Rule Book (Japanese)

[2017-12-28 21:39:20]
Core Rule Book (Italian)
by Fabio Piovesan 
[2017-12-28 21:39:30]
Core Rule Book (French)
by Nicolas Quesque 
[2018-01-09 23:22:08]
Core Rule Book (Greek)
by Vesuvius Media 
[2018-01-30 20:18:40]
Chaotic Evil Rulebook (English)
by Vesuvius Media 
[2018-02-01 01:25:40]
Chaotic Evil Rulebook (German)
by Vesuvius Media 
[2018-02-01 01:05:34]
Chaotic Evil Rulebook (French)
by Jean Dorthe 
[2018-02-01 01:05:43]
Cards (French)
by Jean Dorthe 
[2018-02-01 01:28:09]
Cards (Italian)
by Fabio Piovesan 
[2018-02-01 01:29:58]
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