Catapult Feud - 2nd Wave

Catapult Feud - 2nd Wave

Ready. Aim. LAUNCH! Build your castle, set up your troops, load your catapults and use your cunning tactics to conquer the floor!

354,536 USD
of 20,000 USD Goal

Two households, the Chauforts and the Cunningfields, both alike in dignity, in their fair kingdoms... if only there wasn't that ancient grudge...


Build your castle, set up your troops, and use your cunning tactics to conquer the floor!

Choose your side...
Build your castle...

Make a Plan... 
Choose your Weapon...
Fire at Will!!!
There are enough cards and components to play with up to 4 players.
There are enough cards and components to play with up to 4 players.
This is a 3D artist rendering, not final art or production and subject to changes.

Add some holiday fun to your castle smashing!

During setup at the beginning of the game, each player places one or two Tree ammo piece(s) on the highest viable place(s) on their castle. If/when the ammo piece(s) fall or are knocked off, the player whose tree fell gets to fire it at the attacking opponent in retribution for such an unceremonial felling of the festive tree. When firing it at your opponent, players are encouraged to cry "Tannenbaum!!!".

Tannenbaum!!! was the winner of our Catapult Feud Holiday Ammo Competition! Thank you to everyone who entered andvoted, and to Paul B for the awesome idea!

Back this campaign ($30 or more) in the first 72 hours and you will receive the Holiday Ammunition pack for FREE!

From the runner up (Geoffry H.) of the Holiday Ammo Competition, comes another fun element to our game!

Launch a Secret Santa gift at your opponent's castle. In addition to any damage, if the ammo lands inside their castle, the closest troop (max distance of 4 from the gift) picks it up and opens the gift. They are so moved by the kindness of the gesture that they decide to switch teams! Remove that troop from the enemy's castle, get a troop matching your color from the box and place them following the Troop Placement rules in your castle!

Back this campaign ($30 or more) before it ends and you will receive the Secret Santa pack for FREE!

After the campaign ends, the pack will be available as an add-on for $10 in our Pledge Manager.

This special ammo is included in the Artificer's Tower Expansion

Instead of a boulder, load your weapon with a beehive! If you hit any of your opponent’s bricks, the beehive "breaks open" and the bees chase their troops. Move up to 3 of your opponent’s troops to new valid locations, following the Troop Placement Rules.

Launch rubber dice at your opponent's castle! 

Depending on the side it lands, there are 3 possible outcomes:

  •  Extra Shot: If it lands with the extra shot symbol facing up, you can immediately load and launch a boulder at your opponent's castle!
  •  Boomerang: If it lands with the boomerang symbol facing up, your opponent can immediately load it on their catapult and shoot it back at your castle! This counts as an extra free action for them!
  •  Business as Usual: If it lands with the side that has no symbol facing up, the game continues normally.

There are enough cards and components in this pack to play with up to 4 players.

This mini-expansion introduces a new game mode, the Royals, and a new ammo type, the Smelly Fish.

When you load and launch a Smelly Fish at your opponent's castle, in addition to any damage it may deal, if the Smelly Fish lands at a distance of 2 or less from any troop, those troops faint from the stench and they are removed from the game!!!

The special yellow ring can be added to the base of one of your troops to make that troop Royal. The Royal Troop has to be removed from play last! If they are knocked down during the game, and they are not the last troop standing, then they get back up and the play continues.

There are enough cards and components in this pack to play with up to 4 players.

Core Game + Siege + Artificer's Tower + Volcano + Vikings + Game Mats
Photo Credit: BoardgameShot
Photo credit: John Roy
Photo Credit: BoardgameShot

Painted by @telomandergames (Instagram)
Painted by @telomandergames (Instagram)
Painted by Pieter de Kreij
Painted by Emad Aziz
Painted by Emad Aziz
Combine with any game in your collection! Photo by MashUp Competition Winner Geoffry Harrison.
Let your imagination run wild!


Anything marked with the "Kickstarter Exclusive" badge will only be produced as part of a Kickstarter campaign production. After the campaign, any remaining stock may be available through Vesuvius Media webshop or at a convention exhibit booth.

We have publishing agreements for the base game in many different countries. Some of our partners have also chosen to publish, in limited quantities, some of the expansions. These items are marked with the badge "Limited Retail".

One game, so many ways to play!

  • Quick Play Mode

In this mode, simply forget the rules! Do not use any action cards, build your castle any way you see fit within your player board, and then place your troops on top of the bricks. Take turns shooting boulders at each other until you have a winner!

  • Strategy Mode

To play in Strategy Mode, follow the rules as described in the rulebook.

  •  Real-time "Rapid Fire" Mode 

Set up your game as if you were going to play the Quick Play Mode. Then, instead of taking turns launching boulders at each other, start shooting simultaneously as fast as you can! You will need to chase boulders, reload, and shoot again!

If all your troops are knocked down, then you are out! The winner is the player with the last troop standing!

  • Siege Mode

Inside the Siege Expansion, you will find a really cool game mode called "The Siege"!

In this game mode, instead of each player building their own castle, you build one big castle in the middle of the floor. Once the big castle is built, take turns trying to knock down troops and bricks, earning points based on your performance!

3-Player Mode

If you have a second base game, you can play with more than two players. In the image below, you can see the setup for a 3-Player Game. You can play using any of the above game modes!

4-Player Mode

If you have a second base game, you can play with more than two players. In the image below, you can see the setup for a 4-Player Game. You can play using any of the above game modes!

Let your imagination go wild and create your own game modes! Share them with us in the comments section of this campaign, so that others can play and be inspired too!

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