Coming Soon on Kickstarter Catacombs Fortress of Nazemoor

Catacombs Fortress of Nazemoor

Fortress of Nazemoor is a new standalone core box that is compatible with and expands Catacombs Third Edition.

Catacombs: Fortress of Nazemoor is a core, standalone dungeon crawler that uses the same rules and Dexterity Game System as Catacombs 3E. As a result, this game both re-implements and expands Catacombs 3E. All Catacombs 3E expansions are compatible with Fortress.

Players must skilfully flick wooden discs that represent one of the characters under their control. Usually this is a hero or a monster, if playing as the Dungeon Master or "Overseer". Flicking a disc represents a "shot". The basic shots are rush (for moving) and melee (for both moving and attacking). When performing a ranged shot, a separate disc is used instead of a hero or monster's disc. Ranged shots include fireballs, ice boulders, missiles and hook shots. Some shots inflict damage while others enable special effects. When all of the monsters in a room have been cleared, the heroes can advance further up the fortress.

Fortress of Nazemoor introduces crates and treasure chests that contain both rewards and traps appear on runes during the Battle Phase. Assistants can be rescued that will help the heroes in their quest through the Fortress.

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