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Centauri Saga

Type: 4X, Co-op
Players: 1-4
Time: 60-90 min
Age: 13+
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[2018-02-10 22:33:05] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Sleeves for the large cards
Can anyone recommend another brand of sleeve for the large cards? I have the sleeves from the second Kickstarter, which are described as size 59x92mm. But they are horribly oversized. I plan to throw them in the trash. When I look at Boardgamegeek, all of their recommended sleeves are also called 59x92mm, so I was wondering if anyone had experience with those other brands. Do any provide a normal fit, or at least a more snug than the Vesuvius Media sleeves?

As a note, the Kickstarter supplied Mayfair 45x68mm sleeves, which fit the small cards very nicely.
[2018-02-10 20:17:27] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Upgrade Pack v1.5 Component List
One more quick fix that just occurred to me. For people who got the card sleeves, two cards will actually fit in one sleeve. So put both new and replacement card in one sleeve, so the new rules are visible, and the old back graphics are visible. So colors will match. As long as you don't mind a few cards being thicker than the rest.
[2018-02-10 19:47:54] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Upgrade Pack v1.5 Component List
The light sources are probably affecting our pictures. A couple of your stacks of v1.0 cards do not look like mine, color wise. I cannot get an arrangement of replacement card match-ups to look as good as yours.

OK, I'm not going to worry about it. Five of the colors are close enough to play with. The dark brown replacement cards (which that don't match anything at all) will go in with the bright orange cards. Weird as it sounds, that deliberate contrast will always remind me that those go together. Or else I will put pieces of paper marked "player 6" inside their sleeves.

So, this is my general feedback for the graphics portion of the game. Hire a different Graphic Designer for your next game. The whole package is too dark and low contrast. Dark brown, dark blue, and black on similarly dark backgrounds, with teeny tiny white text. These murky muted color schemes are not working for me. Player colors need to be easily distinguished. And maybe if you moved a little closer to the primary and secondary colors, instead of these vague looking semi-colors, your supplier might have better success duplicating them? (Disclaimer: I am not a graphic artist nor do I play one on TV.)

And the ugly dark brown background has returned in the v1.5 rulebook. Why? At least for the v1.0 reprint you had lightened it up a bit, which helped. But now V1.5 is back to almost as dark as before.

This is just my 2 cents, take it for what its worth. Other players may completely disagree. And I'm sure I will continue to back future chapters of the Centauri Saga, even knowing they will continue the same color scheme.
[2018-02-10 05:30:01] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Upgrade Pack v1.5 Component List
I think there is an issue with the replacement power up cards for the 6 player decks. The card colors have always been murky for the original 6 sets, but I think some of the new ones are actually wrong. Hopefully the attached picture will be clear enough, but I will try to summarize what I see.
1. The bottom row of cards in my picture are the original stacks of player cards. The cards arranged above them are the new replacements.
2. Left-most stack is green. The replacements are a slightly darker green, but are still close enough to use.
3. I would describe the next two stacks as brighter orange and darker orange. There is one set of replacement cards that is sort of between them, but closer in color to the darker orange. There are no new cards to match the bright orange at all.
4. Next in line is the dirty yellow set. The replacement set is slightly darker, but still close enough to use.
5. Next in line is a really dark brown. The replacement set is a slightly different shade of brown, but still close enough to use.
6. Next in line is dark blue-black. Once again, the replacements are slightly darker.
7. Above all these is one set of replacements that are a completely different color. Maybe a very dark grey-brown. This does not match any of the player decks.
Let me know if this picture is unclear, but my cell phone is the only camera I have at the moment.
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