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Centauri Saga

Type: 4X, Co-op
Players: 1-4
Time: 60-90 min
Age: 13+
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[2016-09-19 07:09:46] Cosmic Pioneers > Rule Clarifications > Missing Serial number
[2016-09-16 15:57:39] Cosmic Pioneers > Rule Clarifications > Missing Serial number
I got my copy of the game yesterday, played a couple games, already Love the game!

But I could not find the serial number to register my game here on the site. Is it hidden somewhere? For Centauri Saga it was easy to find
[2016-06-09 20:04:42] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Local Game Con & Centauri Saga
I'm one of the game organizers for a local gaming con we put on every year called NPC-Con and after playing this game, I am definitely putting this game into our lineup.

I was wondering if there is any sort of swag support you might be able to assist with in terms of possible prizes or even just handouts.

My plan is to use the Arena scenarios and have winners determined by their Victory Point totals. Being 60-90 min scenarios makes this a PERFECT game for at a con!
[2016-06-09 07:49:18] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Received my Copy today
So my kickstarter copy of Centauri Saga arrived today. my son and I played the first scenario and I have to say that this game is SO much more than we were even hoping for!

we lost our first game but this is definitely going to be one of our top-played games at our regular game nights. Awesome job designing this game :)
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