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Dwar7s Fall

Type: Worker Placement, Area Control
Players: 2-4
Time: 30-45 min
Age: 13+
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My questions resolve around two timing related issues which I will clarify below. It would be nice to hear the designers take on this as well as how other players handle it.

1) Will the effect of a special kingdom card (castle or monster) take effect as soon as it is placed or after the players turn has ended? I.e. would a player gain an extra turn the same turn he places the castle on the board? And similar for the monsters will they block in the same turn they are placed? My interpretation is that the extra action is awarded starting the next turn but that the monsters will affect the resolve phase during the turn they are placed.

2) During the resolve phase should the resolutions follow a specific sequence or can they be done in any order? I.e. can a mine be mined and it's produce be used for trade in the same resolve phase provided there are enough dwarves placed to do both? And similarly for defeating the dragon and mining a mine. Let's say that defeating monsters is the last sequence of events during the resolve phase then it wouldn't make sense to try and mine during the same turn, but if defeating monsters can be resolved before mining is resolved you can do both.
- Mines before monsters => no point in doing both the same turn
- Monsters before mines => no problem
- Trade before mines => No point in going to the general store in the same turn
- Mines before trade => no problem

What are your thoughts, comments and house rules?
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