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Dwar7s Fall

Type: Worker Placement, Area Control
Players: 2-4
Time: 30-45 min
Age: 13+
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[2017-03-26 18:29:56] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > Ogres
Thanks for the clarification, but perhaps I've misunderstood.

We played it like this;
Player 1 - Actions, Player 2 - Actions, Player 3 - Actions, Player 4 - Actions
Player 1 - Resolves, Player 2 - Resolves, Player 3 - Resolves, Player 4 - Resolves
Player 1 - Discards, Player 2 - Discards, Player 3 - Discards, Player 4 - Discards

This allows Player 4 to play ogre cards in his/her action phase that may prevent Player 1, 2, or 3 from resolving their planned actions.

Should it be played;
Player 1 - Actions, Resolves, Discards
Player 2 - Actions, Resolves, Discards
Player 3 - Actions, Resolves, Discards
Player 4 - Actions, Resolves, Discards

That would greatly reduce the impact of ogre cards (which we found to be a bit too powerful), and I guess, be closer to your Monopoly analogy
[2017-03-24 18:53:11] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > Ogres
Played the game for the first time this week, and we noticed a couple of things about the use of ogres.

Q - Can you play ogre cards at any time during the Action Phase, or only during your own turn of the Action Phase?

The rule book suggests that the same person goes first every round (the youngest person), and that you can only play Ogres on your turn. If so, this puts the person going first at a disadvantage, and the person going last has an advantage, as they can ruin the plans of others by playing their ogre card once everyone has done their actions.
We would suggest two amendments to the rules;
1) The first player rotates round each turn (i.e. a different person goes first each round)
2) Ogres can be played at any point during the Action Phase
[2017-03-19 17:50:14] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > Dwarfs Fall - Game mat
The game mat has the middle 4 squares surrounded by a bold yellow line, is there a reason for this?
Is there something you can or can't do in those middle 4 squares?
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