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2.3 starts with referencing the map how it ended in 2.2, so its a must to record the astral map at the end of it. But the corresponding text is simply missing.

Can you tell me whether starbases are also recorded at the end of 2.2 and carried over to 2.3?
[2018-04-05 17:57:55] Centauri Saga: Abandoned > Rule Clarifications > CaptainĀ“s Log entry 12 (spoiler alert)
We got the phantoms pretty early in the scene, as they appear already once you have retrieved just 2 of the XPMs.
[2018-04-05 11:33:20] Centauri Saga: Abandoned > Rule Clarifications > CaptainĀ“s Log entry 12 (spoiler alert)
Scene 2.2: Box 4 contains the scrap tokens, but the new phantom raider rules introduced by log entry 12 do not mention that you would pick up a scrap token each time you kill a phantom raider.
I saw that there is an errate for the Abandoned rulebook on page 21 (where this rule was missing). Is it missing in the log book, too?
Thanks! What's the rationale that only those 2 scenarios have that rule? Its difficult to imagine this theme-wise.
2 scenarios (namely fixing the jumpgate and lost starbases) explicitly mention that whenever raiders reach the jumpgate, any damage applied can be mitigated with a shield roll.

Is it intentional that only these 2 scenarios offer this, while almost every other scenario with this specific raider movement mechanism do not have that mitigation roll? Was that rule perhaps simply forgotten (such as the "picking up a resource costs 1 movement" in the Abandoned rulebook)?
That is great, gonna be my next trait for sure.

Played scenes 1.1 and 1.2 so far and were wondering about when more traits become available for deployment. They have been pretty scarce so far.
The sticker says:
(movement) Spend X movement points, where X is the level of the raider -1, to push a raider 1 sector.

- can I push a raider anywhere on the map? It does not say "on current sector", so I would argue, yes you can.
- can I push several raiders, provided I spend the corresponding movement points per each of the raiders? The sticker says "a" not "one", so I would argue, yes you can.
- how many movement points do I have to spend to push a level 1 raider: is it really zero? The stickers says I have to spend one movement point less than the level of raider (-1) I want to push, so I would argue, yes you can.

This all makes this trait seem extremely powerful, so I am pretty certain the sticker has an urgent need for an erratum.

Thanks for clarifying.
[2018-03-28 01:46:15] Centauri Saga > Rule Clarifications > XPM Cannon - How does it work really?
But you still increase your stats by the number of star bases in play, don't you, as per instructions on the XPM card?

Not that it would matter much, as the star bases get destroyed super quickly anyways by the advancing raiders...
[2018-03-24 07:59:29] Centauri Saga > Rule Clarifications > XPM Cannon - How does it work really?
Can anyone help me on this?
[2018-03-22 01:31:07] Centauri Saga > Rule Clarifications > FAQ
I meant to say "starbases" in my post. Damn auto correct...!
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