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[2016-10-19 00:12:48] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Scenario difficulty levels

Kevorque wrote:
The "Fixing the Jumpgate" is the scenario you should use to learn the game. Arguably it requires you to use pretty much every aspect of the game, so here are a couple of ways to start it in "Easy" mode. You can use either one or more of them:

a) If you are playing with 3 or 4 players, use the setup for one player less. So if you are 4 players play the game with the Scenario card of 3 players.

b) During the setup, give to all players either 2 action cards, or create a mini deck with the following 4 cards.

c) Reduce the cost of the Starbase to 2 Combat Tokens and 2 Exploration Tokens.

d) Give 5 Astartium to each player during game setup (instead of 3).

Any one of the above is enough to make the game easy, using two will definitely give you a really good "Tutorial" run, but probably not challenging.

Ow great! I will try that next time =).
[2016-10-18 23:11:30] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Scenario difficulty levels
For me, centauri saga scenarios are always hard. One thing I did in my bg group for the purpose of learning the basic mechanics was creating this "easy" scenario:

Campaign 0: A five-year mission of deep space exploration

Scenario goal: reveal all space sectors. Kill all bosses that may (or may not) show up.

Game setup: set aside 4 thick nebula sectors and the black hole (they are not required to complete this mission). Shuffle the remaining sectors facedown. Place the jumpgate +2 extra tiles on the center of the table.

Raiders: When a raider is moved, by an event or a boss effect move it closer to the nearest armada.

Bosses: If a Raiders surge occurs in a sector that has at least one level 3 raider, place a random boss there.

Losing condition: If there is three or more bosses active, the players have until the end of this round to kill at least one of them or the game is over.
[2016-10-17 17:03:25] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > A few rules questions
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and join our community. =D

I am Luis Brueh, the game designer / artist of dwarfs. English is not my 1st language but I will try my best to answer you guys =).

1) Since tasks are only resolved at the end of a turn, its possible to run into a situation where I have all spaces in a tile occupied by dwarfs (3 dwarfs in a mine, for example), but I could still move another dwarf in or through that tile?
Could I spend 1 action to move the dwarf into a tile that is fully occupied?
Could I spend 2 actions to move the dwarf through a tile that is fully occupied?

A. No to all. You cannot move dwarfs into an occupied tile. The circles mean the only spots available in that tile.

2.) Scoring VPs if two castles are in the same Kingom
What happens if due to placement two castles end up sharing the same tiles are their kingdom?
Do both players receive full VPs for all tiles in the kingdom? Do they receive none?
Do both players count each other's castles towards their VP total?

Thanks in advance for any answers, and we hope to see you again in Essen next year.

A. So far both players receive full VPs including both castles. (except if there are any monsters, because monsters cancel same tile kind points in the realm).


For the past weeks I am working on some variations that I intend to post here in our hive for download in the next few days. My goal is to bond our community and also enhance our game experience by adding some strategic challenges and also improving replayability. Here is a few that you might give it a try:

1) Greedy Landlords: in games with 3+ players, shared kingdoms will split kingdoms VPs at the end.

2) Experienced Beast Hunters: Each defeated monster gives you +1 to defeat the next one. So the first monster will take, 5 dwarfs, the second: four, the third: three and so on (the minimum action cost will always be 1).

3) Fortress: You may only place dwarfs on your own kingdom or on neutral kingdom tiles. If for any reason, there are no valid spots for placing dwarfs of yours, you may spend 1 action to switch the orientation of one empty kingdom tile of your choice.

You may mix and match variations of your choice. You can also suggest things that you would like to see =). There will be more content in the future, but I hope you guys enjoy trying this ones =).
[2016-08-21 21:01:11] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > Dwar7s F.A.Q
1) Does each player begin the game with all of their kingdom cards in hand, available to play?

A. Every player will start the game with all 9 cards in hand.

2) Do you have to put dwarfs on a castle to benefit from the extra turn it gives you?

A. You do not have to put dwarfs on the castle to get the extra turn benefit.

3) Does each player build their own kingdom, or are all kingdom cards of all players played to form one large interconnected kingdom?

A. The first player will place one (or more) kingdom tile on the board. The next players can use his tile, but they will also need to place at least one new tile adjacent to his tile on board (due the 9 cards hand size limit!) your kingdom is: the tiles placed within your castle card connected by walls. Build tiles on the board "together" but the kingdoms count VPS separated by walls.

4) Can I place a castle on top of another castle?

A. Yes, you can put castles on top of unguarded castles. To prevent that, you just need to place a dwarf on top of your castle. But by experience I think It is not wise to place a castle on top of another castle in games that has more than 2 players (and even in 2 players it can be risky). The guys that are "sharing" the same tile will probably have lots of trouble.

5) When do you draw ogre cards? Does it cost an action?

A. To draw one ogre card you need to complete the action in the ogre's tavern (it will take you 2 dwarf place actions as described in the card). When your turn ends, your dwarfs will return with one ogre card (always remember: kingdom tiles + gems + ogres will count in your 9 cards hand limit - and you cannot discard kingdom tiles!)

6) If an Snow Giant is on your castle at the end of the game, do you still get to count the points from the rest of your Kingdom, or do you essentially not have a Kingdom, since the Giant is sitting on your castle?
A. If you have a winter giant at you castle at the end of a game you have no castle. And also no kingdom points.

7) For the secret goal, can you play those in front of you once you have to remove them from your hand, or do they have to stay in your hand 'til the end?
A. You do not need to spend anything to complete a secret goal, you just need to show it to the other players. (You may reveal the secret goal even when the game is over, provide that you have completed it) Secret goals are like "personal life achievments". So you always keep your current gems & cards used to reach the secret goal.

If you still have any question, please feel free to ask me anything. I will try my best to answer you.
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