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Centauri Saga

Type: 4X, Co-op
Players: 1-4
Time: 60-90 min
Age: 13+
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[2017-01-23 00:35:14] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Rule Questions
It does, thank you.
[2017-01-21 08:27:51] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Rule Questions
1. I arrive at the jump gate. I perform an encounter. I win. Do I drop off the XPM if I am still at the jump gate? I assume yes.

2. Event card has a recurring event indicating I lose a cube. Does this mean I move the cube back one on the the CC or the star port or the lab? Or one of the armada attributes?

3. If I move back on the lab below one of the CC+1 markers do I also move back one on the CC and if so do I lose the associated benefit? A card or an activation token? Or once gained always have?

4. Do all of the scenarios end at the conclusion of the tenth turn? If so, then in Repair the Jump Gate I am expected to either win before both Bosses are out or build to star gates and defeat both bosses and deliver three XPM in 10 turns. Is that correct?

5. In the armada stats is 1 the min and 10 the max?

6. What is the difference between the yellow and the purple activation tokens?

7. Does battle continue until all enemies in a sector are defeated alternating between ships if there is more than one?

8. On the Diversion card it says the XPM is damaged. What happens to it if I lose the encounter? I assume that if I win that it is repaired, I get the bonus and I drop off the XPM.

9. It appears that I need to read the rules for all of the scenarios to get the answers to some of the core game questions. For example, the rules don't seem to say if a raider can move onto the jump gate but one of the scenario rules does. Does this mean that scenario rules apply to all scenarios? We played our first game with the Repair the Jump Gate. 4 raiders were moved on to the jump gate because of a boss. We didn't find anything about this in the core rules. One of the scenario rules says that if a raider moves on to the jump gate that x, y, z, happen. Ok, in our case 4 moved on. Do we resolve them in order? 2 player game. Both players armadas were in the jump gate. Multiple questions related to how this is resolved that we couldn't find in the rules.

We like the game but were frustrated by our inability to find answers to the questions we list above.
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