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Centauri Saga

Type: 4X, Co-op
Players: 1-4
Time: 60-90 min
Age: 13+
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Dwar7s Fall

Type: Worker Placement, Area Control
Players: 2-4
Time: 30-45 min
Age: 13+
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[2017-01-19 23:06:24] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Missing Game Components

I bought the three games package at Essen 2016 and when we played the 2nd scenario "Convoy" of this game I noticed that one of the hexagon tiles were
missing. Then I started to check all the game components and in the end I was missing the "empty space blue square #1" tile and I have only 17 of the 20
Astartium gems.
I always take good care of my games and I never lost game components (always zipbagging them) and thus I wanted to ask...
Is there a way to get at least the missing hexagon tile?

[2016-11-20 12:41:43] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > Giants in the kindom.
Thanks for the clearification. I see that the rules are still under change and thus a few more questions =).

Q1: Does the starting player change during gameplay? Otherwise the same player can always place his/her dwarves first.

Q2: What is the order of play during the resolving phase, e.g. when 2 players want to get a trading goal, who picks first?

Q3/Suggestion1: Maybe one can play it this way. Maybe it is intended in this way but i didn't get the concept.
A starting player is selected and gameplay is going clockwise until the end condition (3 goals) is triggered. During your turn you first
check if you fullfill any task. If you do, you will resolve them. Then you perform your 3 actions. This way the other players have 1 turn
time to react to your actions or just let you do your thing and gameplay goes on without taking care of who the starting player is.
When the ending condition is triggered, gameplay goes on until everyone had the same amount of turns (up to the player to the right
of the starting player). Point collection starts and that's it.
[2016-11-19 07:44:44] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > Giants in the kindom.
Hello, I bought all three games at Essen, but didn't have the time to play them yet.
I read the two different versions of the game (online rules and rules in the box) but
couldn't figure out the following:

In the rules it says:
"A monster prevents tasks from being fulfilled in the same type of tile in a kingdom."
I get it for the dragon, which is blocking all the mines in one kingdom.

Does this also mean that a giant on one of the castles in one kingdom is blocking the
digging action on another castle in the same kingdom?

Kind regards
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