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[2016-10-23 14:05:00] Centauri Saga > Rule Clarifications > Rules I couldnt find in the rulebook 1.5
Now I remember the 2nd suggestion I wanted to do:
b) At the moment "Combat" means two things: fighting with an enemy, and the first stat of the armada. This is sometimes confusing, since the difference between "during Combat" and "during a Combat check" is not so large. Since the 2nd stat is named "Shield" I would suggest naming the 1st one "Weapon" (so both are a single noun).
[2016-10-23 12:00:00] Centauri Saga > Rule Clarifications > Rules I couldnt find in the rulebook 1.5
No edit option, so I ll rectify 6) here.
It is in the colony ship section, not the raider section (sorry)
And the problem is "a raider reaches": this means the raider is the one moving. Same suggestion though, replace with "if at any time a raider and the colony ship are in the same sector, than ..."
[2016-10-23 11:50:41] Centauri Saga > Rule Clarifications > Rules I couldnt find in the rulebook 1.5
1) The rulebook mentions victory points, but they were not in the box. Is this correct?

2) For what components are the number of components in the box the limit?
I understand that all card types, Sectors and plastic figures are limited. But are exploration tokens, combat tokens, Astartium tokens and victory point tokens limited by the amount in the box?

3) The rules state you can use events for collaboration. If an event says "you", does this restrict the card to only using it for yourself, or does it refer to the armada you are playing the card on?

4) The Butterfly Effect is a common card. Should this be instant?

5) Has the pushback card an officially errata to "raider or player" instead of enemy?

6) In the distress call mission, what happens if you move the colony ship in a space with a raider?
My suggestion: change the raider movement rule to: "If at any time a raider and the colony ship are in the same space, than remove the raider from the board and deal damage to (remove combat tokens from) the colony ship equal to the level of the raider."

7) In the distress call mission, what is the amount of ships you need to rescue. The text states "number of players", but the mission track has "number of players + 1" spaces for XPM's

8) There is no general rule that you cannot move off-board to reveal new tiles if the sector pile is empty.

9) The safe passage mission refers to an "Exploration Phase", but no such phase exists. If a general rule like 8) is added, it is enough to state "Return all remaining Sectors to the box" in the setup instructions.

10) One of the intel report cards places a sector at distance 4 from the portal. Is this on purpose to add a difficult card, with a sector that can only be reached through a single sector with a level 3 raider?

11) When you discard a unit or power up (Astral Eagle, Energy Cells), what happens with the activation token needed to activate the ability?

12) The duration of effects is hardly ever mentioned. Until when do the following effects last?
(effects 1 roll; effects movement to 1 sector; last until end of combat / exploration; lasts until end of phase; lasts until end of round; lasts until end of game)
- Cloaking Device (action card) (
- Astroid Sweeper (upgrade card)
- X Squad (unit)
- X Eagle (unit)
- Star Destroyer (unit)

Suggestions for reprints:
a) The reference card has coloured borders around the raiders, but those colours differ from the actual plastic, which makes the card a bit unclear. By swapping the colours of the level 1 and 2 raiders and changing the 3rd one to pink/purple the card will be much more clear.
[2016-10-23 11:22:39] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Scenario difficulty levels

Kevorque wrote:
For the beginning of the game you should focus on "Exploration Re-rolls", which you should change to Combat Re-rolls after the 5th round.

In my opinion you should always replace the exploration re-roll power up with the re-roll 2 dice at any time power up in round 3.

Kevorque wrote:
Also one of the Commanders you use should be the one that gives Exploration Re-rolls too.

There are six commanders in my game, and none of them do anything with exploration.

And both commanders had the re-roll exploration Power-Up because the penalties for failing are absurdly heavy (I ll spent another post on this), but with effectively 4 and 5 dice (with the reroll counted as die), there is still a reasonable chance of getting at most 1 success. So it was bad luck, and no strategic error.
[2016-10-20 22:36:23] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Scenario difficulty levels

I played with the 2 additional Astartium, and this was a good boost for learning the game.

I think the biggest difference with my previous games was just luck though. This time I started with some enemies, while exploring was the only option for upgrades in my first to games, resulting in 2 and 3 events in the first two rounds...
[2016-10-18 10:58:14] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Scenario difficulty levels
Could someone post the scenarios in order of (intended) difficulty, from easy to hard?

This might help with learning the game and reducing frustration :)
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