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[2016-11-27 09:59:36] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > Some Questions
Hello my english is not so good but i try to explain my question.
I play the game yesterday with 2 Friends and we have fun with it. Our 1. game takes a lot of more time then 45 minutes. I hope we play again and the time become shorter.
Finaly we have some question about the game.
1. Must i use all 3(4) actions i have? or could i make just 2 or 1?

2. I places 2 dwarfs on a rubin mine (need 3). Then another player places a dragon on a other mine without dwarfs in the same kingdom. How i get my workers back? And can i move my dwarfs to other tiles?

3. A "friend" places his castle on my. Can i place 2 of my dwarfs on his castle to dig my castle on top again?

4. Other dig Question: A tile in a kingdom without a castle is digged by another player. The other castles have no free connection to this tile. Can i dig this tile or need i a connection with one castle? (i hope you understand my problem ^^)

I hope my friends play with me again and we can find more questions about the nice game ^^.

Kind Regards
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