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Dwar7s Fall

Type: Worker Placement, Area Control
Players: 2-4
Time: 30-45 min
Age: 13+
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[2016-08-21 05:18:34] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > A few questions about specific rules and mechanics
That all makes sense, thanks for clarifying.

I think my issue with the walls is that the obvious strategy seems to be destroying an edge of the wall, rendering that wall incomplete, subsequently nullifying all of the points or enclosing two castles within the same walls again canceling out the kingdom points because all players will have an identical count. So it's never actually been part of any game I've played so far.

It almost feels like a house rule at this point, to just ignore the idea of walls and kingdom points because it's such an easy mechanic to subvert/break. Maybe I'm missing the actual functionality of the rules regarding the walls and how they work, though, or perhaps overcomplicating the concept.
[2016-08-20 02:12:57] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > A few questions about specific rules and mechanics
How exactly does the dig mechanic work and what purpose does it serve?

When are gems discarded versus being returned to the pile? I haven't had this happen yet, but is it possible to discard enough of one gem type that it becomes impossible to complete some of the goals?

The rules about what's inside/outside of the wall and where walls begin and end really don't make sense to me. It seems too easy to place a tile and orient it in such a way that it disrupts a wall, rendering that wall incomplete and leaving nothing inside of it to add to your score.

I love the art of this game and we've had a ton of fun playing it, but these are the questions that have come up during play, so maybe we're just not reading the rules closely enough!

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