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[2016-08-21 05:06:28] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > "Panic" Card Clarification
Can this be interpreted as "up to two tiles" or does it have to be two tiles exactly?
[2016-08-10 04:11:24] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > Hand
Ok, It said take the 9 as your "deck"... I suspected "hand" might have been intended... Just wanted to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Thank you very much for the swift reply! Awesome!
[2016-08-10 02:35:51] Dwar7s Fall > Rule Clarifications > Hand
Nice to have met you at GenCon... Just sitting down for our first game... We find a reference to a max hand size of nine, but no reference to how many cards you start with or how you draw/acquire cards to play. Looking forward to getting started! Thanks.
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