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[2016-06-13 00:19:39] Centauri Saga > Rule Clarifications > Safe Passage - Colony ship combat tokens
What do I do with all the combat tokens I get when defeating raiders? I would like to build starbases to get rid of the boss effects. But for that I need exploration tokens.

Further, some upgrades let me spend exploration tokens when using their special ability. Those upgrades then become weaker. Currently we're using home rules allowing to spend combat tokens instead.

After a raider surge, there would be an event that persists until I spend an exploration and a combat token... Am I supposed to get rid of events? At the rate the raider surges occur during Safe Passage, we will almost have one new event every turn from the third turn onwards.
[2016-06-13 00:07:44] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Next print run

For the next print run I would suggest to use less gradients and more contrast to all the cards and tokens. Overall, colours are very dark and hard to see if not playing in very bright light. It would be nice if colours were lightened and brightened up a bit and as I said, more contrast and more defining patterns and colours that make components pop out. Additionally the way they pop out would tell what type they are.

So for instance all the armada ships, the raiders, the bosses, XPMs and especially astartium pop out well. I do not need to investigate what they actually are. I know what they are by seeing them in my peripheral view.

But the rest, rear-view of cards, symbols etc are a bit dull. Almost as if taking computer graphics straight out and into the printer. Computer graphics pop out on backlit screens and are often animated. When printed on paper, computer graphics get dull. The only cards I can find without investigation are the scanning reports. All the rest needs investigation which slows things down a bit. (yes, even the upgrades. What type it is and also if it is red or blue)
[2016-06-12 23:32:33] Centauri Saga > Rule Clarifications > Safe Passage - Colony ship combat tokens
Say we move the colony ship into an empty sector with movement cost ONE. We remove ONE combat token from the the colony ship leaving us with TWO combat tokens. Then, in the Expand phase we add THREE new combat tokens, leving us with FIVE combat tokens on the colony ship. Is this right? (I guess it is since we won't get through the asteroid belt otherwise.)
[2016-06-12 13:13:51] Centauri Saga > Scenarios & Variations > Safe passage - for 6yrs old
I just played Safe Passage with my 6-year old son. I skipped the events for raider surges and upgrading the specials(the red ones) was allowed from start.
Hard? Not at all, but a fun experience for us both.
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