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Type: 4X, Co-op
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Time: 60-90 min
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[2016-07-03 21:42:25] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > Hull more than 8

Kevorque wrote:
Sorry there was a small problem with this thread, and II had to hijack the previous answer.

It was me again, same bug like last time.
I will keep an eye on my status next time.
[2016-06-28 09:25:37] Centauri Saga > Rule Clarifications > Event card Reinforcements says spawn raiders.......where?

HIVE155 wrote:
I can not seem to find where to spawn the raiders when the event card "Reinforcements" is drawn?

Unless specified otherwise you spawn them anywhere on board.
[2016-06-23 10:54:49] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > My feedback

HIVE121 wrote:

What mean that my point about Antigrav is almost invalid, but you can still use as a map control tool (for a few cases still important) and if the raiders spawned right you can explore and combat at the same time (or is this not possible?).

This forum need really a edit function^^
Yeah I misunderstood this too.
Okay then you can just using it for to pull a raider to a boss hex, fight against the raider and then build a starbase to attack the boss.
Like I allready said, Antigrav is not broken and is a balanced card^^
[2016-06-23 10:19:19] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > My feedback
Oh sorry, I really forgot to explain how to use Antigrav.
I use it to move Raiders so I can fight two of them but now I re-read the FAQ and I misunderstood that you cannot fight both(first I saw only the forum post but the FAQ is much better written).
What mean that my point about Antigrav is almost invalid, but you can still use as a map control tool (for a few cases still important) and if the raiders spawned right you can explore and combat at the same time (or is this not possible?).
But yeah Antigrav is not that broken what I though and X-Trooper is a good card^^

Scrapyard is still broken, because like I said is helping you for optimize your income with less risk, even if you don't using it all the time.
Combat is a very important aspect of the game and you have to fight at a point in this game or bad things will happen.
So my point is still valid about Scrapyard. And your point Kevorque that you NEED Scrapyard for not being behind show already the bad design of the card/mechanics.

It seems that you build your game around Scrapyard and without it you will have it harder.
Exploration give you two Astartium but for me to explore is more risky as to fight.
Because you have ONE chance to succeeded and the test is random.
If you fail you will not just loose two Hull points, an event will even spawn what make the game harder for everyone.

A lvl 1 Raider combat is not that risky, because it always the same and you know exactly what to do.
With Scrapyard you will gain the same value with less risk.

And again Scrapyard and the re-roll for exploring can be found in Research.
For me(and I assuming for you too), it seems that Scrapyard is a mandatory pick.
If you don't pick it, you will falling behind.
The game should have the same difficulty for anyone regardless of one card.

My idea, just build in the effect of scrapyard in the core game (like a commander ability) and tune a little bit anything or remove the whole card and re-balancing combat/exploration rewards.
[2016-06-22 23:25:33] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > My feedback
Following contain tactics that maybe affect your experience in a negative way, because it makes this game less challenging. English is not my native language so please do not be hard with me.
You have been warned.


I played a few games, to be exact four 2-player, one 3-player and one 4-player game.
Now I want to talk about my feedback and my balancing issues with the game.

I like very much the concept and setting from Centauri Sage.
The game give you a challenging and diversified experience on the first sight.
After two games I unfortunately I found a strong tactic and flaws within the game mechanics.

The game running on a clock.
Ten rounds and the game is over.
Not much time for the objective and to gain strength.
So it really important to do not waste time and do anything efficient as possible.
And there lay the root of the problem.
If you do that, the game become very easy and the game give you the tools to do that.
You just need two cards "Scrapyard and Antigrav".
I consider both cards very broken and unhealthy for this game at this stage and I am telling you why.

Scrapyard improve your gain for strength dramatically.
If we compare two players, one with Scrapyard and the other without, you will see what I mean.
Player one after he killed four lvl 1 Raiders, he can upgrade four times.
Player two can only upgrade two times.
In a game with limited time is this a huge difference.

And what if with Antigrav?
Antigrav is just an other improvement to gain more strength and better map control.
You can just double your income or even combine exploration with combat.

With that tactic I was able to build two starbases on my own (without needing an other player).
Alone! And that not after 9-10 rounds, I was able to do that in round 7 and in round 8 I was maxout.

I said earlier that with Antigrav you have a better map control.
This is very important in Centauri Sage.
Because how the game work is that it will be harder if time pass.
But if you have a strong map control, the game will never became harder.
With the resources you gain through Scrapyard and Antigrav you are either already too strong for the events or have enough combat tokens to cancel it or even using it for your advantage (E.g. Raiders spawning at lvl 2).

The other issue with both are that they come from Research and Starport have not really cards that can competes with Scrapyard and Antigrav.
Best example is X Trooper, it almost the same like Antigrav but you need a combat token for that.
Stats wise you gain the same and so your choice what you want relying complete on the effects.

Research have more useful effects like already mention moving Raiders, more money, Re-rolls for anything and for early game re-roll for exploration.

The re-roll for exploration is an other huge advantage compares to Starport cards.
Because in the first two rounds you will very likely have to explore and so you will improve with that your chance to gain strength and reduce the risk for early events.

The name of the game is: "go, do your best to optimize your first rounds and reduce your risk for early events"
If you do that, the game become very easy.

I never told my friends about this tactic but they grab intuitive after Scrapyard and Antigrav.

I said Starport has a disadvantage and this is not only because Research have the better cards.
Because some cards are just not that good and one card is especially bad, the "Devastor".

Why? Because Turtle and Astral Guardian do the same and if I said the same then I mean it literally.
1 Astartium is always worth a Hull point on it own. So Turtle and Astral can be used without Astartium and that is why they are more flexible.
If you need two Hull points just use Turtle and pay the Astartium separately.

One of the last issue what I see is that all commander with a Research 1(2)+ have an advantage versus the one without.
Not really a big one but it is still an advantage(you save 2/4 Astartium).

But beside of all that, the game is really a blast.
One of my friend love it and said: one of the best games I ever played!
For me this game is a rough diamond. Need just a few improvements and we have a great game!
Really good job!
[2016-06-22 11:44:32] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > No account bug
The "a few question" is only back again because I clicked on Kevorque profil and used his post historie to post something in the thread.
It should worked for the other thread too.
[2016-06-22 11:41:42] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > A few questions

Kevorque wrote:
I do not understand :(

If any of your Decks at any time have no more cards left, then reshuffle their respected discard pile and continue playing normally.

We had already all cards, there was no discard pile to reshuffle.
We killed so much that we had all action cards and run out of a draw pile.
But we didn't use any so there was no discard pile either. (And just btw you rules said that we don't need to waste space for a discard pile and we should put the card under the draw pile).
Sorry English is not my native language, I hope you understand me now what I am meant.
[2016-06-22 02:26:58] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > No account bug

Thank you for fixing but after I posted something both threads disappeared.
I figured out that I was login but not with my account data.
I think this was the reason why this happened.
I used my iPad for posting, maybe your site didn't log me out right on the iPad.
I log me manually out and now I can posting without problems.
[2016-06-21 11:28:47] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > My thread is gone?

I am wondering what happend with my thread("a few questions")?
I cannot find it anymore...
[2016-06-20 22:25:33] Centauri Saga > General Discussion > A few questions

Kevorque wrote:
1. Simply reshuffle the Blue Action card Discard pile and put it back into play.

Really that simply? Not if you have nothing to reshuffle^^
I mean literally no card left to draw.
All cards are gone.

So I guess I have to use a card to gain the card back again?
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