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Vesuvius Media is a small, but mighty, Canadian game development company. What makes Vesuvius Media different from other companies? Vesuvius Media is community-driven. Whether online or on the table, its game designers and developers interact with players, listen, debate, and continually gather feedback. Its community of players help shape the future of its games!

Halifax, Canada

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Projects (18)
Dwar7s Fall Collectors Edition Completed
Dwar7s Fall Collectors Edition

by Vesuvius Media

64,841 USD
of 15,000 USD Goal
Dwar7s Winter Completed
Dwar7s Winter

by Vesuvius Media

118,563 USD
of 15,000 USD Goal
Covil: The Dark Overlords Completed
Covil: The Dark Overlords

by Vesuvius Media

77,128 USD
of 1,500 USD Goal
Dwar7s Fall Completed
Dwar7s Fall

by Vesuvius Media

82,479 USD
of 4,000 USD Goal
Centauri Saga: Abandoned Completed
Centauri Saga: Abandoned

by Vesuvius Media

94,163 USD
of 15,000 USD Goal
Centauri Saga Completed
Centauri Saga

by Vesuvius Media

68,761 USD
of 35,000 USD Goal
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