The Pursuit of Happiness - Experiences

The Pursuit of Happiness - Experiences
102,147 USD
of 15,000 USD Goal
In The Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences expansion you get the chance to visit popular destinations and happenings around the world. It comes with a new Experiences board which provides space for the cards of the new Experiences Deck and includes 2 new actions! You are now also able to dream of the things you would like to do in the future - the new Dream boards allow you to store cards of any type and fulfill them later on getting additional bonuses. Also, through this expansion, you get to have kids. Kids bring so much joy in your life but also require big sacrifices! Finally, Services are introduced, a new type of cards within the Item-Activities deck.


1 Game Board
4 Dream Boards
4 Wooden Cloud Tokens
50 Experience cards
15 Kid cards
15 Service cards
3 Project cards
3 Partner cards
2 Life Goal cards
2 Child Trait cards
44 Cardboard Desire Tokens
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