The Curse of Hollow Hills

The Curse of Hollow Hills
75,910 USD
of 5,000 USD Goal
The Curse of Hollow Hills is a miniature project of fantasy heroes & undead monsters.

A collection of 52 original sculpts inspired by the most iconic undead creatures of fantasy novels, RPGs & tabletop board games.
With miniature sizes that varies from the Daemonic Familiar of 15mm to the massive Shadow Dragon of 100mm in height, these undead themed miniatures are compatible with all 28mm-32mm fantasy wargames, rpg and tabletop games!

The miniatures are digitally sculpted, made from high quality resin and produced with vacuum and pressure casting methods to offer you the most flawless and detailed result!


11 x Heroes miniatures
32 x Iconic Undead Monsters
5 x Huge Monstrosities

4 x Kickstarter Exclusive Miniatures!
A Collectible Thematic D20!
Thematic resin sculpted bases from 25mm to 120mm size!
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