Rush M.D. - ICU Expansion

Rush M.D. - ICU Expansion BoardGameGeek Kickstarter Type: Real-time, Co-op
Players: 1-4
Time: 30-45min
Age: 14+
Publisher: Artipia Games


Rush M.D. – ICU is an expansion to the real-time, cooperative, worker placement game Rush M.D.! It introduces the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) board, where you will be required to perform electrocardiograms (ECGs), defibrillation and administer pump-infused drugs (PIDs) quickly and efficiently to save lives of critically ill or severely wounded patients! It also adds a new Medical Examinations board with 4 new thematic, dexterity mini-games to offer more choices for your game. In Rush M.D. you will also find brand new ICU patients as well as new Hospitalized patients, new objectives, and more!

Get ready to push your limits to save lives! Can you handle the pressure of ICU doctors?!


- 2 game boards
- 36 ICU Patient Cards
- 16 Objective Cards
- 96 Diagnosis Cards
- 10 ECG Cards
- 9 Wooden Allergy Discs
- 15 Urinalysis Dipstick Tiles
- 10 Stability Tokens
- 2 Cardboard 3D ICU Beds
- 4 Wooden Defibrillation Tokens
- 8 ECG Tiles
- 20 Pump Infused Drug Tokens
- 1 Plastic Ultrasound Detection Token
- 4 3D Cardboard IV Poles
- 1Cardboard 3D CT Scanner
- 1 Custom Deffibrilaltion Die
- 1 Allergy Test Tile
- A Rulebook
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