Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake

82,377 USD
of 20,000 USD Goal
The restaurant you inherited has been going pretty well, already employing many acclaimed chefs and serving the elite of fine dining due to your commitment, professionalism and hard work! But now, with the rise in demand of the customers, come new necessities that you need to accommodate, with quality pastry-making being number one priority! Are you going to live up to your restaurant’s reputation and provide fine desserts to your customers?

About the Expansion

Piece of Cake is an expansion to Kitchen Rush ( that adds desserts to the game! Prepare delicious cakes, sweet pies and tasty ice-creams! It also allows you to call in Specialists to help you in the Kitchen using the new hourglass included.


- 1 Game Board
- 4 Player Mat Extensions

- 30 Orders
- 8 Specialist Abilities
- 1 Ice-Cream Objectives
- 1 Upgrade
- 4 Events
- 2 Prestige bonuses

Wooden tokens
- 12 Crème tokens
- 12 Fruit tokens
- 12 brown cubes
- 30 Ice-Cream Scoops in 5 colors

Cardboard tokens
- 20 Ice-Cream Order tiles
- 6 Ice-Cream
- 3 Specialist tokens

- 1 cardboard 3d freezer
- 1 Hourglass (specialist)
- 1 rulebook in English


Kitchen Rush (English)
by Artipia Games  [2018-05-22 15:00:06]
Piece of Cake (English)
by Artipia Games  [2018-05-22 15:00:59]

Richard Ham - Rahdo Runs Through

Tom Vasel, Melody Vasel- Dice Tower

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