Dwar7s Fall Collectors Edition

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Type: Worker Placement, Area Control, Take That
Players: 2-7
Time: 45 min
Age: 8+
Publisher: Vesuvius Media


To survive the long and terrible winter approaching, the dwarfs need to prepare. It’s time to collect gems, build castles and stock enough food.

The fire dragons are sleeping. The giants of winter, lurking.

The fall is precious and it is vital to plan your actions wisely.


- 230 x Square Cards (80x80mm)
- 1 x Game Board (54x54mm)
- 73 x Wooden Custom Pre-painted Meeples
- 1 x Rulebook
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Core Rulebook (English)
by Vesuvius Media  [2019-02-03 03:17:02]
Troll's Bridge Expansion (English)
by Vesuvius Media  [2019-02-03 03:17:35]
Dragon's Forge Expansion (English)
by Vesuvius Media  [2019-02-03 03:18:06]
Dragon's Forge Expansion (Dutch)
by John Jacobs  [2019-09-18 15:44:52]
Troll's Bridge Expansion (Dutch)
by John Jacobs  [2019-09-18 15:45:47]
Dragon's Forge Expansion (French)
by Jean Dorthe  [2019-09-18 15:47:00]
Troll's Bridge Expansion (French)
by Jean Dorthe  [2019-09-18 15:48:20]
Dragon's Forge Expansion (Greek)
by Vesuvius Media  [2019-09-18 15:48:59]
Troll's Bridge Expansion (Greek)
by Vesuvius Media  [2019-09-18 15:49:28]
Dragon's Forge Expansion (German)
[2019-09-18 15:50:03]
Troll's Bridge Expansion (German)
[2019-09-18 15:50:37]


Dragon's Forge Tile
by Vesuvius Media  [2019-07-24 20:01:34]
Halloween Rule Card
by Vesuvius Media  [2019-07-24 20:01:39]


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