Age of Inventors

Age of Inventors

85,066 EUR
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Choose one of the asymmetrical Laboratories and select the equipment to upgrade it.


Gain instant bonuses by selecting which slots to upgrade in your Lab.


At the beginning of each round, your Equipment will activate.


Allocate your Lab Assistants to Inventors to gain their Resource Conversions.


Increase your position in the Ingenuity Track.


Pay Funds to Recruit Inventors.


Activate each inventor's unique ability.


Pay Ideas to Conceive Inventions.


Place Inventors next to any Invention but not adjacent to another Inventor.


You can only place an Invention, adjacent to an Inventor of the same Scientific Field


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Dear Backers, 

We truly thank you for exploring Age of Inventor with us. 

We may be a new creator but we put a lot of effort up to this point and we are proud to share our vision with you. 

Backing us now will offer you

14-16% Discount on MSRP when the game hits the retail market. This is a great bargain! 

Access to UNIQUE stretch goals! 

Most of all you will be helping a new creator fulfill his dreams. This is only the beginning. We want to offer so much and hopefully, we will be able to deliver fun and interesting games!

Thank You !
Pledge Levels
Innovator Deluxe Pledge
Innovator Deluxe Pledge

Save about 16% on future prices
This Pledge Includes:
- Age of Inventors core game
- Resources are Wooden Components
- All unlocked Stretch Goals

Estimated Delivery: Sep 2023

Pledge 59 EUR

Retailer Pledge
Retailer Pledge

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Discount: We are pleased to offer a 45% discount off in the Age of Inventors to our retailer backers.

Estimated Delivery: 0

Pledge 194.7 EUR

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