MiraiX Games

MiraiX Games

MiraiX Games aims at creating thematic simple yet deep games by innovating in gameplay mechanics. Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas, its designer and founder, is a professor and lab lead at a university in Japan. He has designed hundreds of algorithms, earned a few awards and published articles and books in most famous journals. Some of his research appeared in BBC news. The company is mostly run by two people fighting against the odds to bring great board games to everyone! MiraiX grew from a desire to create products that are both fun and deeply educational. We aim to bring wonder and deep thoughts, and if need be, fighting the trends and economics of today's mainstream corporations. Hopefully to inspire and help foster a great new generation of tomorrow (Mirai means "Future" in Japanese and "X" stands for exploration).

Fukuoka, Japan

Projects (1)
Elven Throne Coming Soon...
Elven Throne

by MiraiX Games

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